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mladen wrote:

On FF forum it first became the (with all the big bells announcement) non-repainting "TMA true" until someone (lucky me) explained there that it (the "TMA true") is nothing but a LWMA. And if you get the cryptic variable names out of the equation, it is easy to see the origin of the code (since the centered TMA did not exist in that form before, again lucky me, made it)

In any case, centered TMA is one of the cases when I really regretted that I have ever made it. I wish I could forget about it but every now and then it resurfaces with new strength
Hi mladen,
   That's exactly what I learned after reading so many long threads and discussions. I am OK with the current indis as it is although it's not TMA in any sense. I believe you indeed did a great job.

Best wishes,

Re: Skimming Swallow - a Simple Trend Strategy

I do my best

On some pairs SMA100 works better than EMA50, also intraday as M15 of USDJPY. Spearman ranks (auto-correlation) works also very well here. Wait till price is below all MAs and Spearman enters the zone or is already orange. Res versa in up moves. When the trend is extreme long, you have the same issues as any other oscillator - it shows exit too early and re-entry to late. As filter Sperman is a nice tool. And since USDJPY is good volatile, you won't wait too long for some green pips. Counter-trend scalper also may find it useful.

Edit: You must put the spearman.dll into the Libraries folder.
USDJPY M15.png
Spearman Rank Correlation fl.mq4
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Re: Skimming Swallow - a Simple Trend Strategy

sambeatson wrote:This makes a lot of sense given the shorter timeframe. Thanks Krelian. Will look into Spearman. Seems like my 111.94 target for USDJPY was spot on by close of play. I knew it would get below 112 in the end.

***update. Krelian, the Spearman you attached seems to require another file under dependencies.
Hi sambeatson,you can have that file here
at "Include files (MQH) & Library files (DLLs) here" thread
Indicator is just a tool.

Use it only if it can benefit you. Leave it if you don't know how to use it optimally.

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