InfoRe: Free historical data from around the World

Khaal wrote: Sun Sep 10, 2023 5:12 pm You can download these Commodities (all in Metastock format) here:
Crude Oil -
Brent Crude Oil 1st exp (1988-2018)

Brent Crude Oil 2nd exp (2002-2013)

Oil WTI Spot (1995-2018)

E-mini Crude Oil (2002-2018)

Light Sweet Crude Oil 1° scad (2004-2013)

Light Sweet Crude Oil 2° scad (2004-2013)

Palladium (1987-2018)

Palladium cont NYMEX (1995-2018)
Hi Khaal, thanks for the upload but I've replaced your .RAR file with a .ZIP file version as we are trying to steer clear from .RAR files now due to the security issues we've had in the past.

If you could be so kind to upload in .ZIP format instead it would be a huge help man!
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