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A poll carried out of more than 1,000 sixth-form pupils in March found that 53 per cent believe it is “likely” that the world will end in their lifetime because of climate change.


Latimer Alder @latimeralder
The 'biggest battery storage installation in Europe' could actually power Europe for just about 2 seconds.
Not as long as it takes to read this tweet

A fine example of the sheer inadequacy of battery storage to overcome the intermittency of renewables. ... ur%20(MWh)

A £75m battery energy storage system – the largest in Europe – has been officially opened in the UK by Harmony Energy Income Trust Plc.
The revolutionary battery energy storage system is located at Pillswood near Cottingham, East Yorkshire, and is the largest energy storage system of its kind by megawatt-hour (MWh).

The £75m facility utilises Tesla Megapack technology and will provide a pivotal storage solution that will be vital for the country’s transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Full Apocalypse Mode

Reminder that Kerry has made 10s of millions out of the climate scam, it's become his whole reason for being.

Wide Awake Media
Climate grifter extraordinaire, John Kerry, goes into full climate apocalypse mode:

"Ten million people are dying every year around the world because of extreme heat. It's getting hotter. There are going to be more intensive weather events... So as that happens, as people see their farms—you know, the crops—ripped away, or their homes destroyed, you watch the pressure grow."

It's not the climate that's ripping people's farms away; it's globalist sponsored climate totalitarians like John Kerry and Mark Rutte that pose the real existential threat to the farming industry. They are using the man-made global warming scam as a trojan horse to wipe out independent farmers, with the ultimate goal of establishing total central control of the global food supply.


Carbon Credits News

Getting closer to the bottom line truth now, the whole climate scam is to introduce 'carbon credits' to control movement, food, activities, every aspect of your life.

CARBON TARGETS -Airlines are now warning people will be priced out of flying. Cities are banning older cars, what next for the poor?

The plan is simple, they’ll sell their carbon credits to the rich to supplement income & the rich will do as they like.


Re: Climate News

Net Zero Watch @NetZeroWatch
Why is the science media not reporting this new research finding? No wonder people are losing trust in MSM.

''Overall, the Antarctic ice shelf area has grown by 5305 km2 since 2009, with 18 ice shelves retreating and 16 larger shelves growing in area. ''

Carbon Allowance Halved

Oh dear, your proposed 'personal carbon allowance' just got halved - sorry.

The Washington Post @washingtonpost
The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had projected humans could burn only 500 billion more tons of CO2 to have a decent chance of hitting the climate target. Now there’s just half of that carbon to spare. ... ce=twitter

Meanwhile climate change continues to cause havoc on the planet's coastlines.

Re: Climate/Energy News

As people are busy with Ukrainian and Russian war propaganda, counting dead soldiers and destroyed tanks, mega important news like this here go completely unnoticed.

Japan Begins Secretly Releasing Irradiated Water From Fukushima Disaster Into The Ocean

FRIDAY, JUN 09, 2023 - 04:25 AM
Tokyo Electric Power Company (better known as TEPCO) started releasing irradiated seawater from Monday afternoon this week into an underwater tunnel that extends 1 km into the sea and has been built to release 1.3 million metric tons of Fukushima nuclear contaminated water i, Japan's public broadcaster NHK said on Tuesday.

...I'm sure they have been doing that secretly already for a long time.....
Releasing it 1 km out there into the sea will sure make a difference....Geez

And instead of targeting what will be a tangible environmental catastrophe in just days, the hollow and hypocritical virtue signaling talking heads continue droning on about such meaningless drivel as ESG and global warming.

Also, oddly enough, there has not been a peep about this clear and present ocean disaster from either the original Greta, or her new and improved for mass-consumption replacement, Sophia Kianni, who lately appears to be more focused on building up her scantily-clad, environmentally-fighting image than, well, fighting for the environment...

And here are the protests of the EU........
And the ones from the US.......
You guessed, niente, nada, nichts...... Now imagine if someone else did that. But because they need Japan as an ally against China, they simply keep quiet.

Well, I guess soon we will read about a new and exciting 5 star Sushi variation. One that glows in the dark.

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On June 21, 2018, Greta Thunberg warned that if we do not give up fossil fuels, then in 5 years humanity will completely die out.

10 days left

Net Zero Watch @NetZeroWatch
After wasting nearly Є500 billion on inefficient renewables, Germany's green Deputy Prime Minister concedes that 30 years of climate policies have been a complete flop

Re: Climate/Energy News

Latimer Alder

German Greens - who junked their no emissions nuclear power in the middle of an energy crisis to 'Save the Planet' - can't get a heat pump to work in their own HQ building

£5,000,000 wasted already!

Compulsory heat pumps coming to UK soon. ... l-no-heat/

Heat pumps the same as renewables, don't actually work in the real world but it's the thought that counts, save the planet you know.

Re: Climate/Energy News


The V20 group of countries on the climate front lines -- which now includes 58 member nations -- has said restructuring the global financial system to align with climate targets must be completed by 2030.

And 2 Trillion for developing countries. Those countries that never develop in the first place. But that's good news for them.
This week, the International Energy Agency said annual investment just for clean energy in these countries will need to jump to nearly $2 trillion within a decade.
This is crucial to keep alive the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global warming to "well below" two degrees Celsius since pre-industrial times, and below 1.5C if possible.

France backs the idea of an international tax on carbon emissions from shipping, with hopes for a breakthrough at a meeting of the International Maritime Organization in July.

Now, what about the carbon emissions from the US/NATO war games, the military planes crowding the skies and the navy vessels crowding the oceans. Oh, and will the thousands of private jets be included too!?

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