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⚡️ At night, the Air Force destroyed 10 cruise missiles, 23 Shaheda and 2 reconnaissance UAVs

In total, launches of 17 missiles of various types and 31 attack drones were recorded:
▪️10 X-101/X-555 cruise missiles from Tu-95ms aircraft from the Caspian Sea area;
▪️7 S-300/S-400 anti-aircraft guided missiles from the Tokmak region (Zaporozhye region);
▪️31 Shahed-136/131 strike UAVs of Iranian production in the southern and northern directions.

Attack UAVs and several S-300/S-400 missiles hit in Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions.
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The Russian reconnaissance ship "Ivan Khurs" was damaged, there are wounded - "Suspilne"

The day before, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that they tried to attack a ship in the Black Sea with naval drones, but the ship was allegedly not damaged.

Now it became known that the reconnaissance ship is damaged, the ship needs repairs.
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😁 Morning anxiety in Krasnodar
:lmao: :lmao:
Vasenka, pack your bags, let's go beyond the Urals.
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Warmongers Want War

It's clear that there are those who want a negotiated peace (such as myself) and then there's the warmongers who want to keep feeding Ukrainians into the meat grinder.

This post is for you.

He’d lost nearly all his closest friends in Kherson. Taking out his phone, he swiped through a series of photographs: “Killed . . . killed . . . killed . . . killed . . . killed . . . wounded. . . . Now I have to get used to different people. It’s like starting over.”

The Wall Street Journal confirmed that Ukraine sent freshly mobilized people to Bakhmut, who died en masse in the city

So apparently NBC journalist Keir Simmons has been placed on the Ukrainian government-linked Mirotvorets "kill list" for visiting Crimea and asking local residents whether they'd prefer to live under Russian or Ukrainian rule.

F-16s are not magic weapons - US Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley

Kyiv's strategic goal of regaining all lost territories militarily does not look achievable in the short term, Milli said.


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"Ivan Khurs" was seriously damaged. Now there is a threat that it will sink - Russian media

They write that the reconnaissance ship, after meeting with sea drones, received serious damage to the hull and equipment. Its repair will take from six months to a year. There are dead.

The rescue ship of the Russian Navy is now transporting the wrecked ship to Novorossiysk. The minimum speed is 0.8 knots per hour, which once again confirms the serious damage.

russian ship fuck you!!!
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Ogee wrote:
Thu May 25, 2023 8:07 pm
24 May 2023
Col Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls - Ukraine news today and in-depth discussion of current geopolitical events in the United States of America. Colonel Douglas Macgregor's Ukraine Russia war update, Russian offensive, Ukraine counter offensive, Ukraine latest news, Ukraine war news, Ukraine war video footage, Ukraine Russia news, Russia Ukraine war update and Ukraine war 2023. (25 min)

I posted a week ago on talk of the prospect of a push for a ''frozen'' conflict as per North/South Korea. Looks like the US admin are heading that way.

A sure sign of desperation and realisation things are going badly and about to get much worse for their proxy combatants.

(need to click on 'Watch on YouTube' link)

Interesting that Ukraine has stopped talking about no negotiations while Russia always said fine, but since talk of the push for a ''frozen conflict'' by the US Russia now says don't bother.

New 20 min video posted just a few hours ago continues on from the above vid and takes a closer look at the current political aspects.

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The first footage of the "destroyed" reconnaissance ship "Ivan Khurs" on the outer roads of Sevastopol, May 26, 2023
The medium reconnaissance ship returned to base.

Ah... still floating :lol:

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Another "masterpiece" of Russian propaganda

Z-degenerates are posting a video allegedly filmed on the camera of a deceased Ukrainian defender, stating that seriously wounded fighters "dear partners" are butchered into organs🤡
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China advocates keeping Russia's new regions for ceasefire in Ukraine - Wall Street Journal
Chinese representative Li Hui, who is involved in the Ukrainian settlement, during a working trip to Europe called for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine, with Russia retaining its new regions.

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