Re: Indicators with ON/OFF buttons

Taia wrote:
Fri Oct 07, 2022 10:13 pm
Hello kvak I was wandering if you could add a on/off button for the repaint of this indicator dynamic cycle. Ik the indicator repaint a lot. I don’t care if the indicator doesnt give entry like the repainting of it . I just want it to stop repainting. On for repaint. Off for nonrepaint. Thanks to you or anyone that helps
I added button to the Mrtools version...
! Dynamic_Cycle_Explorer_1.1 BT.mq4
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QuestionRe: Indicators with ON/OFF buttons

I am attaching this special, single line version didi index indicator which I like to use as a trend filter. Compared with other didi index indicators on same settings, this one reacts the best to priceaction, but after running a couple of these under my chart I noticed it starts lagging after a while...
Could someone please add a button and a history limit option to it?
A button (...and an AHTF) would also be nice to have, but the history limit would be the most important, so that it can be used normally on a longer run.
Didi index(mtf + alerts + lines).mq4
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