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RplusT wrote: Sat Aug 13, 2022 3:20 am Hi maybe someone has got the source code.
If so, can you please add vertical lines (or request mrtools to do that) at the zero cross for up and down. As a quick reference on the chart it will be very convenient and safe time.

Also can check here Ehlers indicators there is a similar version with lines, was a mod of the m11 version.

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

4NDR45 wrote: Sat Aug 13, 2022 2:39 am Sharing this version of the Color Stochastic indicator with my template here to anyone who reads, researches and likes to keep things simple. There are many versions of this indicator all around, but this one is special. I find it useful when determining the 4H reversals and trend changes. I usually trade on smaller timeframes only in the directions given by this indicator.
It can redraw the arrow of course, until the last 4H candle is open and it needs confirmation on smaller timeframes for exact entries, but it gives a good general idea about the direction of the market and where the early trend breaking points are.
After some experimenting, found these settings to be useful for me although it could be better if it would have at least a third level (mid line, 50)in the middle of the zone.
The best would be a version with 2 zones and a 50 line.
I would probably zone the extremes, when entering and exiting levels 10 and 90, then standard stochastic zones at 30 and 70 and there would be the level 50 to alert when crossing the middle line.

Could someone please upgrade this beauty so that it at least gives an arrow and alert when it crosses the 50 line (cross over = up arrow, cross under = down arrow reasonably) and another zone, so that there would be 5 crossing lines for the alerts all together. It would be much more precise that way.

It would also improve if someone could code in all the arrow options, like arrow size, arrow gap and change arrow symbol code.

Is there anybody here who could spice up this stochastic indicator without much hassle?
I would love to improve this indicator myself with the features mentioned, unfortunately i do not know any MQL4 coding :(
I started studying Pinescript but I gave up Tradingview altogether because of the bug they have with charting MTF indicators. It is just messed up and with all the options offered, Tradingview simply still can't chart MTF indicators the way MT4 does.
4H Stochastic trend.tplColor Stochastic MTF Zones.mq4
Try here Stochastic indicators

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

naluvs01 wrote: Sun Aug 14, 2022 7:57 am Hi Mr Tools and Coders Respectively,

Is it possible to fix this pips movement indicator? I would like push notifications added as well, if possible. Thanks in advance for your consideration!!!
It's not working at all or what is wrong with it?

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

mrtools wrote: Mon Aug 15, 2022 12:10 am It's not working at all or what is wrong with it?
I ran it with SoftFX4 Simulator and no alerts are being triggered. Now if it's working when the market opens, then it means it's not compatible with the simulator. However, my other indicators do trigger with the simulator. So if you could please add push notifications, that would be great!

What I'm thinking is to have alerts on Renko. I've searched looking for an indicator that triggers when 2 consecutive bricks form. Since I can't find any, my thoughts are to set a brick size, let's say 10 pips, then set this indicator to 20 pips. So every time 2 bricks (20 pips) form in either direction, I should get an alert. That should prevent whip-saw price action on Renko. The closest thing I've found is using Heiken Ashi alerts, provided here by you guys, which is phenomenal, but it does change sometimes when only 1 brick forms.

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Meyson wrote: Mon Aug 15, 2022 10:12 pm Guys, hello everyone! Who knows a channel indicator, such as TMA but without redrawing, it is very necessary, thanks in advance)))!
The TMA channel shows beautifully on history, because it rebuilds, if you take a non-drawing channel, it will not look like that at all. There are a lot of channels, this is the Keltner channel, the envelopes MА channel and many others completely available on the Internet.

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

I am sharing this TMA channel indicator, which I use most of the time, but it has some bugs.
I like that it has the feature to limit how much it will show on chart in history, but this option does not work perfectly.
For example if i put 3000 in the Limit bars in history, on a 15 minutes and 30 minutes chart the channel will not appear at all, then it will appear again if i chose the 1H timeframe.
With the current setting 1500 limit in history it does not appear on the Weekly and the Monthly charts.
It makes these random non-appearances , so I thought maybe someone perhaps knows what is causing this issue and could make a quick fix.
Could anyone please check and figure out what is causing this glitch with the History limit and the appearance of this indicator on the chart?
I actually wanted to post it into the "Indicators with ON/OFF buttons" and ask, propose for a button feature, but certainly not as long as it has this glitch.

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