Re: BeatlemaniaSA's XU-Hybrid Trading System

global wrote:
Fri Jul 22, 2022 8:59 am
Hi all,

Attached below is my modified version of the dynamic-cycle-explorer-indicator that gives exactly the same reversal signal results as the DCE_BB_v3.2gm(ex).ex4 indicator shared in the post above.

DCE_BB_v3.2gm(ex).ex4: download/file.php?id=3434234

Since I added all the Price and Ma Types options, I called the modified version UT_dynamic-cycle-explorer-indicator_avg. I added a "bias" buffer that reads 1 for a buy reversal and -1 for a sell reversal when a signal arrow appears. The "bias" buffer remains as 1 or -1 until the DCE reaches it's band_up for a buy or band_up for a sell trade so you can easily access the "bias" buffer by iCustom for use in an EA. As far as I know, this indicator does not repaint since it doesn't use the icTma() function. I didn't delete the icTma() function from the indicator code but it isn't being used. If you find settings that work better than my default settings then please let us know about it.

I modified another indicator called Kiosotto that I find has been giving even better reversal signals than the DCE. I also added the Price, Ma Types options and RSI to it to show the actual reversal entry points with an arrow in a circle that you will see in the screenshot below. In the screenshot, the indicator is in the last sub window. The RSI oscillator doesn't show in the sub window since it needs a different scale than the Kiosotto to plot. If you want to see the RSI, then just attach this !!! RSI ma simple+Arrows 1.1 (mtf) indicator to that sub window and use the same RsiPeriod and other Rsi settings as in the Kiosotto indicator. You can get that RSI indicator here: attach/file/3409542

The modified Kiosotto is called UT_Kiosotto_202015_v4_Alert_Arrows and is attached below. I added a "rev" buffer that reads 1 or -1 once the Kiosotto histogram bar is greater than AlertsLevel and remains as 1 or -1 until the rsi crosses it's average line and is sloping in the direction of the reversal trade, then the "rev" buffer changes to 2 or -2 and the ArrowsOnEntry entry arrow appears. Due to the movement of the Rsi, multiple entry arrows may appear.

The "rev" buffer remains as 2 or -2 until the Rsi reaches it's 60 LevelUp value for a buy or it's 40 LevelDown for a sell trade. You can easily access the "rev" buffer by iCustom for use in an EA. Again, if you find settings that work better then please let us know.

The Kiosotto looks just like the waddah attar explosion but the calculation is very different. However, as in the waddah attar explosion, I added a dashed ATR DeadZone (dz) line and a solid Standard Deviation x Band Deviation explosion line adjusted for the scale of the main Kiosotto bars. Those lines work in the same way as the same type of lines in the waddah attar explosion indicator. When the histogram bars are below the ATR DeadZone that shows low volatility and when the bars are above both the ATR DeadZone and the (Standard Deviation x Band Deviation) explosion line, that shows a volatile move. When that volatile move exceeds all three lines, the ATR DeadZone, the (Standard Deviation x Band Deviation) explosion line and the Alert Level line, then it's a sign that the move is extreme so a reversal is imminent, then when it's time to actually open a reversal trade the reversal entry arrow in a circle will appear. However, a reversal entry arrow is only valid if the waddah attar explosion bars color is in the direction of the trade and are above their ATR DeadZone and (Standard Deviation x Band Deviation) explosion lines. Furthermore, at the time of the reversal trade entry signal, the pips distance between the price and the slow XU moving average must be big enough for entering the trade to make any sense.

In the screenshot, the smaller arrows on the main chart are drawn from the dz adaptive (vhf) rsx digital Kahler mtf BT indicator that can be downloaded here: attach/file/3430795


I made a little change to the UT_Kiosotto_202015_v4_Alert_Arrows.mq4 indicator so I replaced it with the updated version below.
Thanks for indicators. One question: UT_Kiosotto is not printing the down arrow. Is it something on the code or I missed anything?

Thank you

Re: BeatlemaniaSA's XU-Hybrid Trading System

alvinchiu wrote:
Tue Jul 26, 2022 8:10 pm
Thanks for indicators. One question: UT_Kiosotto is not printing the down arrow. Is it something on the code or I missed anything?

Thank you
Remember that the UT_Kiosotto ArrowsOnEntry signals are only for reversal trades, not for regular trend trades. In the mean time try changing the BandsLength to 9. The current value of 20 works better for trend trades but not for reversal trades. I will upload two updated versions later today. If after you change the BandsLength to 9, an ArrowsOnEntry signal does not appear then that simply means that the reversal entry conditions did not match.

Re: BeatlemaniaSA's XU-Hybrid Trading System

Hi all,

Here are a couple updates to the UT_Kiosotto indicators that are for reversal trades only. The UT_Kiosotto_202015_v4_Alert_Arrows_v1.mq4 filters the Kiosotto signals by the !!! RSI ma simple+Arrows 1.1 (mtf).mq4 that is built into it's code and the UT_Kiosotto_202015_v4_Alert_Arrows_Wae.mq4 filters the Kiosotta signals by both the RSI and the waddah attar explosion averages nmc alerts 2_2.mq4 indicator that is built into it's code. The settings for the RSI and waddah attar explosion indicators' code that is built into the Kiosotto indicators are changed for reversal trades.

You can download those indicators here:
!!! RSI ma simple+Arrows 1.1 (mtf).mq4: attach/file/3411507
waddah attar explosion averages nmc alerts 2_2.mq4: app.php/attach/file/3378849

In this screenshot, the UT_Kiosotto_202015_v4_Alert_Arrows_Wae reversal signal arrows are the arrows that appear within a circle.

XU-Hybrid Kiosotto_WithRsiWaeFilters.png

Notice how after one of the reversal signals, the price bounced off of the Daily Open line shown by the HiLow button indicator. So before taking any reversal signals, make sure that there are no support and resistance levels such as big round numbers and all the levels shown by the HiLow indictor that may block the trade from succeeding.
(47.42 KiB) Downloaded 174 times
(45.52 KiB) Downloaded 169 times

XU-Hybrid 4.0 Trading System


Hi all,

I am pleased to announce the release of XU-Hybrid 4.0. In this version, I set out to make it even easier to trade. Hopefully, I've achieved that, but I'm sure you guys will let me know if that's true or not :D

First, though, I have to extend my deepest thanks, gratitude and appreciation to the master coders here on Forex-Station. Without them, this XU-Hybrid project would not have been possible! :hug:

As you will notice, there are some indicators missing from previous versions and a few additional ones now. My aim has always been to make trading as easy and profitable as possible. However, what I cannot provide is your trading psychology, money management and control of your emotions. Get that under control and you will be successful.

The new indicator additions are the Round Numbers grid and the excellent PPO. I've dropped the Elegant Oscillator, as the system works great now without it ;). Also, you will notice that there is a client sentiment indicator showing the retail trader's bias for that particular financial asset.

Please remember that you are under no obligation to use any or all parts of the XU-Hybrid system. The framework for an extremely successful trading system has been laid. However, I do enjoy seeing the creativity of the members as they mix and match their own hybrid systems.

So here you go:
(1.2 MiB) Downloaded 931 times
XU-Hybrid 4 Screenshot #1.png

XU-Hybrid 4 Screenshot #3.png

XU-Hybrid 4 Screenshot #2.png

Make those PIP$ and don't forget to pay it forward to those less fortunate than ourselves :hug: :problem:

Warmest regards,
“Self-realization is the ability to achieve freedom from ordinary daily demands and to know that true happiness
comes from fulfilling our own potential and from lifting those around us without the thought of self-gain.”

Moving AveragesRe: XU-Hybrid 4.0 Trading System

BeatlemaniaSA wrote:
Fri Jul 29, 2022 12:46 am

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce the release of XU-Hybrid 4.0.
Thanks to BeatlemaniaSA for releasing a new version of the Holy Grail system for us. It is definitely many times better than the so-called Holy Grail charging indicators on the market. :In Love:
My Son, Conduct Your affairs with H u m i l i t y
and you will be L o v e d more than a giver of Gifts.
H u m b l e Yourself The More, The G r e a t e r You are,
and You will find M e r c y in The Sight of G o d
——Sirach Chapter 3(17-18)

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