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DownloadScalper Cheap Paradise EA helps save you money on spreads

Precond,(read this)
you need to configure your market watch->right click it ,go to symbols,click show or hide the currency pair.
it is because the advisor takes data from the market watch.
mind you that the ea was created for forex currency pairs.

The metric,
atr/spread is a good indication how cheap the pair is to trade.

if you have big atr value and low spread ->(atr/spread)>1....then the power of the atr is going to blast through the spread
leaving you with profit if you made the correct buy or sell decision!

the idea,
compare all the currency pairs in the market watch to see who has the biggest (atr/spread) factor
and output it as a nice comment in the ea attached window.
the output comment is a listing of the top 10 currency pairs and their cheap factor.
the 1st being the best pair to trade.
(no worries)if you have less than 10 pairs in the market watch,say N number,then it will print the top N pairs

the dowload file,ea
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an image
A famous quote in documentary "Money Robots":55% winrate is enough to make money

Re: Scalper Cheap Paradise EA helps save you money on spreads

It is a good to know what currency is the cheapest in time.
But the cheapest is not always the best.
To be best it needs to be stable cheap for a long time.
How you get is by frequency counting(the number of times it appeared as the cheapest)

Example if euro jpy is the #1 cheapest at time and has a 20/50 cheap frequency (20 times it was the cheapest and 50 times is the number that all observations)
And euro usd is like the #3 cheapest at a time and it frequency is 30/50.
Then euro usd is more stable cheap.

Idk,thats an idea of how this code can be upgraded,what do you think?
A famous quote in documentary "Money Robots":55% winrate is enough to make money

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