Re: Trading Pullbacks System

Gold. from short to long. You can add millions of indicators, it will not help you, price is King...indicators will lag always. But footprints are there for you =impulse retrace

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

Today eurusd performingwell
down trend
i find new method with a simple 1 indicator price action based own stratgey . however for test, i combined ma pullbacks lines
this method no need any lines to draw :)

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

euraud 15M. wait for their move first and enter on the retrace. these MA's will help you a little bit and yes you will miss a few entries be selective.

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

euraud 1M, just another day enough pips/entries. Zoom out and do not use indi's set to higher TF's or HTF zigzags; nice in hindsight but terrible in realtime trading. You can plot important info by hand like shown here; zero hindsight, zero repaint...

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

Just wondering strange there is almost zero info here about solid money management. Have seen a post about a member demanding a leverage of 100. Why? do you need really a leverage 100? If your stop/MM is ok and you are serious 100 leverage is not needed. I have seen here daily profits statements of 15% or more...hmmm ask yourself: if daily profit is 15% what is your SL? Let's say risk reward is 2, if wrong you will lose 7.5% on your account. Assume your entries are wrong a few times...I hope you will have the nerves, most beginners do not have this and will blow up the account. If you are a beginner risk 0.5% or max. 1%. You can always add positions when right.
best M

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