Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

how do you guys trade this, Obviously in my understanding if the white line forms that would give me a direction ?
coz remember the trade could go in the opposite direction if the white line wasnt there, just my 2 cents in the search for the right answer.

correct me if im wrong?

2nd dot forms.jpg

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

Boobligoom wrote:
Fri Jan 21, 2022 9:10 am
I think I entered early on this system as the price was above the "day open" which was green.
But Earlier, I entered in the place where the arrow is shown and the price immediately reversed. I closed with a small loss.
I entered the last trade when I saw the price fixing below the accumulation area (blue rectangle).
I think the system changed often and I don't quite understand where exactly I should enter. Maybe my trade doesn't fit the system. Correct me if I'm wrong....


Although, I'll be honest, I think so. In fact, it seems to me that no one (except XARD and a few other people) will correct me (and did not correct it before) and will not comment on this transaction, because 90% of everyone who is present in this thread does not really understand how to trade this system. Do not be offended, but this is how I see it after reading a hundred pages of this topic ...

The whole problem with this topic is, unfortunately, that people here talk about everything that is not related to the system (indicators, templates, how to change this, how to mark something else), except for what is really important for all of us. They don't talk about trading. About entry and exit points. About mistakes and right moments of trading. About the system.
In other streams that I have ever participated in, it is enough to read a couple of pages and look at 10-20 screenshots of transactions, I understood 80% of the essence of the system. But here I can't seem to open this pandora's box.

I don't want to offend anyone here. Especially the person who gives it all to us for free (HUGE THANKS TO XARD). Let's just give this method more time so that we understand it better and trade profitably together. Stop borrowing just waiting for a new system update. Let's sort out the deals (especially I ask for help from those who think that they understand the system) so that it finally becomes clear to everyone where white and black are.

Stop talking about pimples on your ass or anything else that doesn't matter. Get involved in the work. Rate screenshots. Say what is right or wrong. Stop looking at only other people's indicators on the published screenshots. Publish transactions using the XARD system, with its template. And only then can we finally learn something here!

Once again, I apologize if I offend anyone. Maybe I'm wrong. But that's what I've been seeing here for a long time.
You my friend has got this BANG ON, most people here think theyve understood the system , oh yeah...... trade the 2nd dot, and then trade the 2nd bigger dot................
and exit if the candle changes colour, the change of candle colour makes you lose more money since its a bigger candle and also a heikin ashi candle ..DAMN... losing trade after trade in the hope that 2nd dot will go in the direction of the bias.

Yeah i do understand... only trade with confluence of the bottom window indicator namely....myRSIOMA...on the current version of XU13.

This is WHY just after this post of yours boobligoom , i posted mine asking weather if the trades should be taken when the white line appears, meaning the White line has broken the recent high or low and now the bias is either with the trend (orange ZZ line) or against it, at least it gives me a bit of assurance that now i should trade with white the line until it resumes in the direction of the orange ZZ line.

Although it has been suggested that don't trade against the main bias the orange ZZ line.

Looking forward for some feedback'on XARD??????, i bet your laughing at all this rigmarol :lmao:
trust me your making the big dough out of all of us, most of us are just chasing the tail in the finding the entry point after the 2nd dot, most think they know the system but only a few really understand it

and... a big thank you XARD for getting us on this ladder of this great piece of work we just need to climb the ladder a little higher ;)

hope this helps.......for some of you who are in this rocky boat.

hope i didnt offend anybody here....just trying to open the pandora's box like boobligoom. Cheers :thumbup:

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

Boobligoom wrote:
Fri Jan 21, 2022 9:10 am

Although, I'll be honest, I think so. In fact, .....
As I only trade index, I will try to answer your question or questions anyway.
First of all (I assume), this system is not a holy grail. Losers are also part of the business. It should just be that the winners are higher or more than the losers. That is the most important start. And now to your setup:
After the square is formed on the 18th, is on the 19th the small points emerged with higher high and higher low. That means I look for LONG ENTRY. After the crossing of the MA's I then go long. On the same day, the large red dot with the arrow (1) is also formed. After the point 1 I would have entered at A; LONG. After that, the point B is formed. And so now I have my 2nd point (B). So I wait after SHORT ENTRY. After the crossing of the lines I then go short (This trade is riskier because the price is above open). After that the big blue point 2 is formed. And so I have again my 2nd point after the square. Now I look for LONG ENTRY. After the crossing of the lines, I then go long. And so on....
The important thing is not to look at what you could have gained. But at every opportunity as described above a little of the many pips to book.
It is my SETUP and now it is your turn to create your personal SETUP until it suits you and also pleases you.
I hope I could bring a little light into the darkness.
PS: It is my personal point of view. Of course there will be others.

Screenshot (316)_LI.jpg

XARD Game Plan (2).jpg
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Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

Got the buy in the morning and had to attend to work duties. Now seeing the dip that happened later in the day.
Win some, lose some, miss some. All part of trading.
thekamilxd wrote:
Fri Jan 21, 2022 10:19 am
Anyone got this move? It's astounding how the ZZ line evolves, that's what makes it easy for me. Take profit based on the 4H support.


Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

harveyspecter wrote:
Fri Jan 21, 2022 2:54 am
Hey, Mustafa! Can you take a look at this image and let me know what I did wrong in taking this trade? I waited for Big arrow (Later repaints as seen in picture), Rsi crossed upwards, and MTF CCI was sloping upwards. Thanks again
You did nothing wrong except that market chose to go against you..... We try to predict and interpret the movement of the market but when our prediction and interpretations are not what market actually does, we modify our interpretations instead of being angry or stubborn...... BE flexible, you turn where road turns, it will never be the other way around...

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

Hey everyone,

I am with AxiTrader in Australia and am not happy with the latest legislation that has forced them to reduce their leverage drastically.

As most of you know, I am based in New Zealand and am looking for a reputable broker who offers higher leverage than 30:1.

Many Thanks
Screenshot 2022-01-21 190229.png
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