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Re: Indicators with ON/OFF buttons

Jagg wrote:
Fri Nov 27, 2020 8:33 pm
I've made some adjustments to this dashboard because on HighDPI monitors it looked ugly/distorted.
It's also possible now to use ATR Period 1 to have a today representantion (if someone wants to use it that way).
Should work with latest MT4.
Hi Jago,
I know some time passed since you modified this indicator,but I would really appreciate your help if possible.
Unfortunately the alert works only on one side,only on the region "PIPSTOHIGH".
I was wondering if you could add an alert to the other side as well.
I attached a picture to make myself more clear just in case.

Thanks in advance

Re: Indicators with ON/OFF buttons

Dego wrote:
Wed Jan 19, 2022 8:04 am
Does anybody have an ON/OFF already coded or can someone add a ON/OFF button?
Hi. Yes, when you search in this topic, there is some BT version.
BTW make BT for indi what you posted and add autowidth ....

Edit: noticed problem with BT switched to on-off, redownload version BT2...
Heiken Ashi BT.ex4
(19.75 KiB) Downloaded 77 times
Heiken Ashi BT.mq4
(10.1 KiB) Downloaded 108 times
Heiken Ashi BT2.ex4
(18.57 KiB) Downloaded 91 times
Heiken Ashi BT2.mq4
(9.48 KiB) Downloaded 118 times

Re: Indicators with ON/OFF buttons

quangvuig wrote:
Wed Jan 19, 2022 5:42 pm
Hi Kvak, can you help me create a similar indicator for button 2 clouds, for button 2 clouds to be different. I try to do it myself but it's very difficult. Hope you can help me, thanks a lot
Do you think like 2 clouds in one indicator?

Re: Indicators with ON/OFF buttons

kvak wrote:
Wed Jan 19, 2022 9:21 pm
Do you think like 2 clouds in one indicator?

Thank you, you mean help me create 2 similar indicators to open two sets of clouds, with parameters 9,26,52 and 26,129,172 with button. When I set these 2 sets of numbers with 2 clouds, only button 1 cloud.

Re: Indicators with ON/OFF buttons

quangvuig wrote:
Wed Jan 19, 2022 11:54 pm
You see basic clouds combined with advanced cloud sets. Basic clouds are disturbed to see the clouds at the right time, so Buy should Sell
)))) here's another ultimate truth... what are you telling me about last year's trend

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