Joe Rogan Dr Robert Malone interview.

Malone tell his story, originally developing the technology for mRNA vaccines, his life's work in developing vaccines and his being labelled an 'anti-vaxxer' and recent ban on Twitter.

One of the few who knows the whole story of covid from the start, very knowledgeable on the science and the scams.

Talking points:
The BBC lead 'Trusted News Initiative' as a banner to combine big tech and big media to implement communist style censoring and deplatforming of anyone who speaks out against the official narrative.

Information manipulation and distortion, - credit scores morphing into social credit scores, - the destruction public confidence in govt, the medical profession and all vaccines.

Hospitals capitalising on covid, a covid diagnosis > ventilation > death can add up to $30,000 in govt payments for the hospital, they don't want it to stop.

Myocarditis, clots, strokes and heart attacks caused by the vaccines.

3hrs and only on Spotify so far (free join-up just need email address).

Highly recommended if you are looking for the whole story from the start. ... CEyT#login


Big Media and Big Tech propagandists are desperate to divert attention away from the jabs and the sudden rise in clot deaths.


DEATHS UP 40% AGES 18 - 64.



''Cases in California have risen 887% in only 3 weeks since the mask mandate was reinstated.

In response to this astonishing failure, California extended the mandate for an additional month, because when you have a chance to extend a policy that doesn’t work, you have to take it.'' (IM @ianmSC)


Marty Makary MD, MPH @MartyMakary
FDA asked a court for 75yrs to release documents related to the Pfizer vax. Today, a smart judge rejected their request. This is the same @US_FDA that bypassed experts to authorize boosters for young ppl. Thank u @AaronSiriSG for bringing public accountability to a broken agency. ... ished=true

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