Re: Trading for dummies by numpty

ziggy wrote:
Wed Dec 22, 2021 10:59 pm
i sure the heck hope this works, cuz i have bet the farm on it.
Wishing you success and stable profits. Subscribed :clap:
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Re: Trading for dummies by numpty

A holy grail is a trading system that does not take losses and experiences minimal drawdown.

A holy grail trading system is quite simply a perfect trading system.

in the world of programming, a concept must first be drawn up as a flowchart and then the code can be written for each module of the flowchart and then it all gets plugged in together.. to attempt to design complex software without first drawing up a basic definition of the concept and a detailed and complete flowchart is like trying to build a cruise ship or a skyscraper building without first drawing up blueprints.


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