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Re: Forex Cash Power Indicator? Has anyone tried it?

I found the indicator in a telegram group (the alters are late, but it's not so bad), apparently it is an old version, the indicator I think does not repaint however this version has that delay (problem) of showing the alert after 3 candles have passed, supposedly with the new version of power cash (2021) that delay problem was solved. Use soft4fx for backtesting.

Re: Forex Cash Power Indicator? Has anyone tried it?

andrei-1 wrote:
Sat Nov 13, 2021 10:44 am
They say it's a MACD + 3 bar filter. :eh:
Based in my experience with the 2021/2020/2019 Cashpower indicator versions I can afirm and say that this window image is a fake imitation about one File made in begnning of 2019 by a Scammer inside telegram that make fake versions imitation of many indicators to harm all the owners creators of good forex indicators.

I must warn the members of this post, becouse this is true, I am a experient trade with Indicators and for sure that these images are about one fake imitation made by a telegram scammer, who had this attitude just to harm in 2019, 3 months after Cashpower Indicator launched and start post the Indicator.

I have many indicators and the Cashpower Indicator since the first 2019 version, all versions since it opened in Dezember of 2018 and the Indicator is not based on Moving Averages, and does not have this second window as shown in these images.

This false imitation File that was done in 2019, yes it is based on moving leverages, BUT IT IS NOT THE CASHPOWER INDICATOR. This is the true. When I download in 2019 this Free Scam file of Cashpower indicator o contact the Owner and He give me a good discount to get the GENUINE Cashpower indicator and from the begnning I see that Is another different indicator System comparated to this fake file that some scammers send in telegram.

I think this sad, as I see here comments and images of an indicator that is not Cashpower, but just a fake imitation, and it is not nice to make judgments about something that is not genuine.

In my option Cashpower indicator is one tool that no repaints and no lag as the info in website and this is really good, becouse many anothers indicators have this info but repaints. Is you use , like me , the Genuine indicator with price Action Trend Lines you can target very good results.

Perhaps this makes it clear to the members here that this is a fake version made by scammers, it is not the genuine indicator.

this is my simples and true review.
Good trades for all.

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