COVID-19 cases rise in Europe for 5th consecutive week........

Some scientists worry that waning immunity from vaccinations across Europe could allow even more people to fall ill from COVID-19 during the winter season......

Oh, who could have seen that coming. Must be fake news! I'm always told that the stuff they call "vaccines" protects......
In the light of the facts, I'm positive, saline solutions would do much better. Those have the psychological advantage of letting people believe they are protected (just like the "vaccines") and at the same time would do no harm.


Ahh, someone has spotted the elephant in the room - what the data from the UK and Israel has shown clearly for several months now, that there are more deaths using the vaccines than not using them.


Australia buying police dogs for 150,000 $ a piece. Stiff price, but then, they need no food. ok, The government tells, those are for looking after work place safety but, but.....may also be used for the police and military"....... Yeah, sure, but they would never do that, would they! ...:D
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