June 2011
(...and 3 second later I get reminder from Fuckbook "independent fact checkers"
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Full Gates speech says reducing population growth is NOT solution to CO2, better power tech is needed.
Did Bill Gates really suggest eliminating about 10 to 15 percent of the global human population using vaccines during a...
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What happens when the 'fully vaccinated' finally realize they'll never be fully vaccinated?

Israel 38% have had 3rd shot - hospitalisations keep rising.


UK covid infection rates, hospitalisations and deaths all higher in the vaxxed than the unvaxxed.

In the UK infection rates higher in the vaccinated in most age groups.


Latest UK data batch released by public health officials in Wales, UK, vaccinated Individuals accounted for 87% of all new Covid hospitalisations last week – even though 69% of the citizens are considered ‘fully vaccinated'. ... ember-2021

Data from England show 63% of Delta deaths in last 7.5 months were fully vaxxed. US senator using UK data because the CDC data is so out of date and lacking in meaningful metrics.


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