Nbats7979 wrote:
Sun Sep 19, 2021 6:30 am
Domestic terrorism. No question. This is UK.
I would just find it funny, no, satisfying if someone like you thinking they were above the law got nailed by anti terrorism laws funded by a nobody like me. Almost worth it.


Nbats7979 wrote:
Sun Sep 19, 2021 6:26 am
So no answers for just general questions. I will be moving forward on the national security questions. Many people like to know Ogee is a flapping anus with one of those bad bacterial anal infections. All he can produce is nonsense and cheese. Im being kind these days.

@Nbatshitcrazy is really a Secret Agent on a mission of National Security!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND he's taking down peoples NAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Nbats7979 wrote:
Sun Sep 19, 2021 6:30 am
Domestic terrorism. No question. This is UK.
Actually no, this is the UK;

Latest data from UK govt Public Health England (PHE).

Attendance to emergency care and deaths from Covid (Delta) 1 FEB to 29 AUG

Unvaxxed 219,716

Vaxxed 222,693


So obviously the vaccines do nothing to reduce infection and illness.

But when looking at deaths alone the vaxxed are worse off. 68 per cent of covid deaths when including the partially ‘vaccinated’; while the ‘unvaccinated’ made up less than 30 per cent, when vaxxed less than 60% of the population.


So the Vaccines don't work they just make things worse.


There will be no return to normal and history warns that the only way to restore human rights will be by violence. They will NEVER relinquish power peacefully. Sorry, all the protests will not deter them.


Tnx for the video, eye opener videos like that one...Seems every day world becoming crazier and more crazier place...Here in Serbia they making pressure for taking compulsory vaccinations ,but not so aggressively, still,,, more is like they checking nation pulse with news like no possibles to work in government institutions, schools, people whi don't want to get the vaccine are the reasons for so many new causes etc etc, but elections are in 6 months also so they know they’ll lose big potion of voters if they push new rules now...
But funniest thing ,Yesterday i spoke with my son football coach, he’s working in a hospital as well, at emergency care... He was like “ you are so backward, of course, I got the vaccine, my wife also, and our children if necessary in the future, it is the 21st century and science is on the great level” Man, I was like wtf, because of That what you just said I do not want, also as Orthodox Christian I am seeing everything through spiritual eyes, as this is nothing surprise me to be honest...Stay healthy guys 🙂

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