Re: MT4 Trading Systems (Old or new!) Please post here

RplusT wrote:
Sun Nov 15, 2020 12:29 am
That's pretty much the max I'm willing to put on a chart. Even if I repeat myself the x-times....we are trading direction, not bits and pieces of price action.
And that's what I want to see......3500 pips in 10 days with virtually no headache and nail biting. Adding orders on the ride do the math.
It's when the price crossed the Goldband where you'd start looking to buy...or at the second green dot where price retraced to the Goldband that has already turned blue. Patience is the key.
(On a side note, the US is in such a mess and the Dow kept going to a new historical high. There is no logic except the banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs generating profits. They both got enough funds to move the market on their own. Thus just trade what you see).

The two Indicators in the subwindow I tried out following Jimmy's links (thanks!) work well together. See the divergence of both at the bottom (Big square with arrow). It's a S/D level and both Indis are shouting BUY, BUY, BUY (referring to Xard's latest creation........ :D )
It's no kind of "cherry picking. Just see the move down before reaching the bottom. I/m sure you could easily trade that too.


#4X 2011 XARD GOLDBANDS 2B.mq4
i - BandsPrice (mtf + alerts).ex4
stochastic momentum index (divergence + alerts + arrows).ex4
Hi, thanks for sharing this.

Does the XU-Semafor repaint?

Re: MT4 Trading Systems (Old or new!) Please post here

KevK212 wrote:
Tue Oct 12, 2021 11:27 pm
Hi, thanks for sharing this.

Does the XU-Semafor repaint?
The Semafor simply shows highs and lows, minor and major. Thus it follows price action i.e. new highs or new lows till the price reverses. You can't simply trade the Dots, it is not a signal indicator showing entries.

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