Re: Taixu Yihao MT4 trading system (Open)

太虚一毫 wrote:
Mon Aug 02, 2021 10:36 am
Taixu Yihao MT4 trading system (Open)

At the invitation of a friend, release the Mladen / mrtools short-term trading system

Also known as: Taixu Yihao MT4 trading (open) system

Chinese name: Taixu Yihao MT4 trading (open) system

(Google may not translate the exact meaning)


  1. This trading system should be called: Mladen / mrtools short-term trading system. Because the indicators are written by them and released publicly. (Of course, some indicators are compiled by other experts

    Written, such as teacher kvak、Shved、file45、Ron)

    But if it is named Mladen / mrtools short-term trading system, Mladen / mrtools teacher will not agree. Because these indicators cannot represent their highest achievements. Maybe only count him

    Our game, but for my generation, it is almost the Holy Grail!
  2. The meaning of naming an open system is: try to slowly put in the latest and best indicators of the masters, but the whole system can complement each other and not send out ridiculous signals. So this trading department

    The system can be regarded as a transaction template.
  3. Applicable for 5 minutes, intraday trading. That is, look at the 15-minute signal in the 5-minute chart. Order rules: just look at the color. Before the New York market closes, if you make a profit, you can close your position and exit; if you lose money, you can hold your position. Asia

    It is best not to participate in the trading, because the fluctuations are too small; depending on the mood of the trader, small singles can also be used.
  4. Smoothed-repulse (arrows + alerts) The indicator signal line cannot rise or fall at the 0 line. If you are entangled, please refer to DMI oscillator 1.31 ahtf.
  5. EA_MTDriver one-click ordering panel, which is a free ordering panel in Chinese, to fill up the vacancy in the upper right corner of the screen. Traders should use their familiar (language) order panel.

    account_info_horizontal is useful, please put it into the trading system by yourself.
  6. 4 Time frame Sidus, Sidus v3.01 alerts mtf is essentially RSI. Main chart candles If you don’t like Dynamic-zones kst bars, don’t use RSI MTF

    Candles 2, Dynamic zones polychromatic momentum bars 1.02,! regularized momentum candles (mtf + alerts) and other replacements. replace.

    As mentioned above, this is an open system, and the parts you don't like can be replaced with other indicators. The current main chart is used to test teacher kvak’s DSL AVERAGE filter (PWMA).
  7. The most important thing is: please comment on this open system, criticize and correct. I hope you all recommend better replacements.

  8. Recommended indicators: viewtopic.php?p=1295439361
  9. Quoting the description of time window here: viewtopic.php?f=579496&t=8472584&p=1295 ... 1295440563

    In my opinion, time itself is also an indicator (the same meaning as other indicators): time (date), time window (non-agricultural, interest meeting and other major events with "exact time" can be classified as time window). Trading hours indicators can also be classified as time window indicators.

    The recommended trading time indicators here are vertical_time_lines.mq4 and vertical_time_lines4.mq5. These two trading cycle indicators are meaningless in charts longer than 15 minutes.

The indicator and tpl template were renamed and re-uploaded (without any modification).

The first post cannot be changed now. But there are important notes:

Note 2: The template is based on IC Markets MT4. If you use other MT4, you should modify 3 files: vertical_time_lines, Symbol changer-vspat 1.2, time difference and symbol code in RSI Heatmap 1.1. There are examples of ONE, Exness, and IC Markets varieties in the source code mq4 file.

Re: Taixu Yihao MT4 trading system (Open)

Jimmy wrote:
Mon Aug 02, 2021 8:57 pm
This is mega. I'm exploring it now man :)

Had to re-name the TPL as it wouldn't load at start (hope you don't mind).

Does my chart look right?
Is the first post of the topic set to "can only be modified once" by default? That is, it cannot be edited again?

Re: Taixu Yihao MT4 trading system (Open)

太虚一毫 wrote:
Tue Aug 03, 2021 4:58 pm
Is the first post of the topic set to "can only be modified once" by default? That is, it cannot be edited again?
Will fix it bro :)

Is it okay now?
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Re: Taixu Yihao MT4 trading system (Open)

Jimmy wrote:
Tue Aug 03, 2021 5:40 pm
Will fix it bro :)

Is it okay now?
Now talk about the shortcomings of this trading system:

I said in Note 1: It is almost the Holy Grail. Almost, just a little bit.

For example, this Fractal-channel breakout histo (alerts + arrows) indicator:

U.S. dollar to Canadian dollar USDCAD. When the European market opened today, Exness MT4 gave an ultra-short-term decline signal, but IC Markets MT4 did not show an ultra-short-term decline signal. It can be seen that in different MT4, because the received data is not exactly the same, it affects the Fractal channel breakthrough prompt.

Unfortunately, there is no indicator that can replace Fractal-channel breakout histo (alerts + arrows). Because it is Fractal, it is very different from general conventional indicators, such as two-line interleaved indicators. It suggests a certain reversal after a larger amplitude (volatility).

Above: Exness MT4

Below: IC Markets MT4
Exness MT4.png
IC Markets MT4wry.png

Re: Taixu Yihao MT4 trading system (Open)

ZZTop wrote:
Thu Aug 05, 2021 6:04 pm
Sorry, could not understand your rules.

Can you show on chart, where is entry for buy/sell, where is exit and where is stoploss?
Sorry, my trading system may have different design ideas from other trading systems you have seen. There is no stop-loss point, intraday trading (London-New York), making money is flat. If the New York session is profitable before the market closes, close it; if the New York session is at a loss when the market closes, open the position. Therefore, sufficient principal should be reserved to deal with fluctuations. Generally speaking, the principal amount of 1000 USD can fully cope with any fluctuation and any risk starting from 0.1 lot of a trading product!

The arrow is a prompt to enter the market. When the colors of various indicators are the same, it is of course also a prompt. If the market direction reverses, such as staring at an arrow, if the market direction reverses, orders can be placed in the opposite direction according to Martin's regulations.

It can be assisted by other closing EAs, for example, you can preset how much you have earned to automatically close all positions.

If you are afraid of risks, you can set a little stop loss to deal with the Swiss franc event that year-the kind of rare crash! ! !

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