Re: Traders joking ...

A regular customer comes to a sex shop, sellers immediately visit him:
- You are our best client, only for you a unique specimen, an artificial woman, she thinks, moves, all the best ...
A man immediately:
- I'll take it.
Three weeks pass, brings back:
- Sorry, I want to return. Not that...
- What is it? Maybe where the shovchik got out?
- No, the body is just perfect. The tower blows away from the touch ...
- Maybe it creaks where or with the movements of the problem?
- Well no. It moves so that you can't take your eyes off, and the plastic is generally mind-blowing ...
- Maybe the processor is weak, slows down?
- Yes, she will win against any chess player, and her sense of humor is such that she can participate in KVN.
- So what's wrong?
- You know ...... did not give!
"Only the price on the chart can show the entrance to the deal..."

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