Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

In this version I have gone with a Trend background which I believe is better.
I have added my BUY,SELL,CLOSE script as an expert which means that I am unable to run any MTF indy as it clashes on MT4 so the Dash has gone in this version. Seeing as how I am only trading the one instrument (US30) then the dash is not required. You can change the LOTSIZE = FUND/1'500 to 3'000, 6'000 or 10'000 or whatever amount to suit your trading requirement and it will auto increase/decrease the LOTSIZE accordingly depending on your winners/losers trading outcome. Again, I use it for US30 so you may have to change the settings say for Gold etc. I have also reduced the size of the semafors so that it all works OK on 1080 resolution say if you were using a surface pro tablet or the like. I will probably post this version in a week or two.
Screenshot from 2021-07-21 12-59-51.png
Use the Orange ZigZag line on the 15m chart as your Intra-Day Bias. WAIT! for the candle colour change for your first trade and use the Channel line as your 1st EXIT target, take additional trades off the 2nd dots (dots 2,4,6...) that appear and look for a higher Semafor as your 2nd EXIT Target.

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