Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

Castle73 wrote:
Tue Jun 29, 2021 12:44 pm
Hey Julia,

We've all been there. In my opinion, Xard's system is awesome, and I too have been working on passing the FTMO challenge. The turning point for me was coming up with an exit strategy. I think Xard's system is so clear on entries, but exit strategies are a bit ambiguous. Some go for TP, others tailing stop. For me, a strong R:R ration with clear tp was key to start turning a profit.

How are you currently using the system? What's your entry, exit strategy?
Thank you for your reply. I was mainly trading the 2nd dot at first, 15 min with confirmation on 1 hour on forex pairs and ger30 and things went well for a while but trading too many pairs started giving me more losses than wins so I thought that I should simplify and focus on indexes, backtesting and forward testing them intensively and really get to know only two instruments well enough and then continue things from there... then I started using the panel on 1 min with confirmation on 15 min and taking two positions, 1 with open tp and the other with fixed tp and a 1:1 RRR... but the winrate of my trades is not being enough to compensate for the losing strikes which means that I am on the negative side now... I suspected that improving RRR could be the key but I don't know how exactly... Because my sl are usually too big I suppose, maybe because I am still stuck with the dot mindset and putting my sl in there...
What can you suggest to improve RRR and sl placement?

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

During the summer time when the schools are out trading tends to be a bit slower, so don't be too greedy on your Daily targets/returns.
That said, you could still be making a killing trading HK50 during the Asian open then FTSE100 during the London open followed by US30 during the US open.
WS30 Tuesday.png
Use the Orange ZigZag line on the 15m chart as your Intra-Day Bias. WAIT! for the candle colour change for your first trade and use the Channel line as your 1st EXIT target, take additional trades off the 2nd dots (dots 2,4,6...) that appear and look for a higher Semafor as your 2nd EXIT Target.

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