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THANK YOU Programmers/Indicator Creators

im super grateful for the people creating the indicators. Not All Heroes wear capes. When i one day become funded and trade for a living I will look for the indictor creators/ developers whos indicators thats part of my system and send an invoice. I am nothing with out my tools so im nothing with you guys ! Thank you Mladen , Mrtools and i know theres more im going to list you all when i get more time lol. And for anyone who creates indicators How did you get introduced to it ? is it fun ? im too stupid to understand those calculations lol maybe one day
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Re: THANK YOU Programmers/Indicator Creators

It's nice to see a thank-you message to our heroes. Not many people take the time to post feedback, let alone write a nice post like this :)

With the codes from Forex Station you are genuinely equipped with properly coded tools to take on the market.

There are tonnes of "Forex indicator" websites out there, but for me, none of them are as reliable as the codes from Forex Station because the coders here truly are passionate and into their coding. The quality is on another level.

I know in my heart that this place has the most trustworthy codes on the internet and best of all it's FREE :thumbup:

Wishing you wealth and success.
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