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Thanks so much for your system. I've been backtesting/demo trading for months now with great success. I'm also in the final verification process with a prop firm, and it's all due to you. Thanks, my man.

Quick question - you know the old adage - "After May, stay away". Do you take the summer months off of trading? My backtesting results have usually taken a nose dive trading the indices in June, but definitely in July and August. It picks back up in September. Any advice trading this system in the summer months?

Thanks again, my friend.

XARD: We were in lock-down last year so we had no choice but trade to keep our sanity. During the summer months trading is slow so it pays to stay away, enjoy the time with friends and family and come back reenergized and start again is September.

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

I have a small problem with the semaphore indicator , when the price create a new semaphore point I cant see the current candle because the semaphore point is much bigger so it hide the current candle( maybe the problem is my screen I have 20" full hd 1920*1080 screen) , I try to edit the setting to make them smaller but when I change TF or switch to another pair it reset to default settings
I will be very appreciated for the help

XARD: Place the indicator that has the candles after the semafor indy. If no indicator then press F8 and select common and tick box chart on foreground.
XU v3-Semafor v2.ex4
(17.99 KiB) Downloaded 75 times

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

Again, using Higher TF Semafor as my roadmap and entering the trade on the lower TF.
It's not rocket science people, it's a Simple Trend Following Trading System.
You know what the easiest part of this system is ???
It's that you can do this too.

Just watch your favourite trading instrument on 15m, wait for the move then open up a 1m chart and enter on the cross.
It doesn't need to be TFs 15/1, it could be TF 30/5 or TF 1hr/15m - Whatever TF sequence that you feel comfortable trading with as the strategy is the same.
It's a fractal pattern that is self similar regardless of TF selected.

Just keep in mind
If you are trading off a Bottom Blue Square Semafor, you want to be trading BUYS off the Green Dots that follow..
If you are trading off a Top Gold Square Semafor, you want to be trading SELLS off the Red Dots that follow.

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