Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

xard777 wrote:
Tue Mar 30, 2021 6:30 am
If you look at this trade you will see that it originated from the 5m but the 1hr suggests that it will move much further. It has been a long trading day today, I am tired and want a shower before crashing for the night.
I have decided to come out of the trade and book the Pip$ (no need to be greedy).
Oh! the new H/L channel lines are working a treat.
@Xard I think many others are thankful for you sharing these screenshots of trade, but I would rather see where is the entry point and SL in your trading. I think that would help people tremendously in their trading. Because I see you achieve a good percentage return based on trade. So would be good to see what Risk to reward do you achieve to get from a trade like 6%. Or maybe you just risk 10% per trade or something. So in this case showing where is the entry point and stop-loss would be great if that is not a secret from your side.

I did green line (entry point) and red line (SL) on the picture. Did you do the same?

Keep on the good work!

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

A suggestion:

Historical trades can be shown in MT4 by dragging and dropping an order from the account history. (Attached a historical trade)

But of course this is just half the story, because since indicators repaint, one would have to include a screenshot at opening trade and a screenshot at closing trade. These 2 screenshots can be generated automatically on opening and closing trade by indicators that can do this work.

So a total of 3 screenshots are needed to tell the story:
  • opening the trade (what are you seeing when you open the trade)
  • closing the trade(what are you seeing when you close the trade)
  • the historical trade (entry and exit marks)

Showing just the historical trade would be sufficient to tell the complete story If none of the indicators were repainting.
historical trade.png

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

Today, my friends, GE30 was the simple solution - no sweat whatsoever.
(or Gold, for that matter)
Or, as Adam Grimes wrote: Be clear on this point: markets are usually random and most of the patterns markets create are also random. However, we can sometimes identify spots where price movement is something less than random and is somewhat more predictable, and these less-than-random spots may offer profitable trading opportunities.

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

xard777 wrote:
Wed Mar 31, 2021 11:17 pm
Today was way better for trading.
Up to now - simplest was US100
XARD: I have been sticking with my preset three Indices - WS30, US500, & US2000
Upside - It saves me jumping all over the place looking for trades.
Downside - I miss out on other trades like HK50, Gold, DAX30, Nasdaq etc.
Possibly buy another 55" monitor.

No - I think you're quite right. Concentrate on the best.
I scan all of them before I start, though - and sometimes it is clear which one looks best (doesn't mean it will work out).

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