Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

Kind colleagues
There is one thing that would be a must for a xard newbie like me.
A live video either in demo or real as you wish.
Two or three hours of operation, with entry and exit operation, with the original xard system, of M15 and H1, please no zig zag, or countertrend between operations for experienced, only original system to learn first, for the novice ride a bike first. That contains the continuous trend repaint, as you hold with the big red traffic light ahead, and new triangles are erased and written.
A commented video with your impressions (subtitles you are the father or mother of all), when you endure a red blue traffic light in the present and how it moves in front of you.
It would be of great help to understand repainting in the present and not run away.
Easy to see in screenshot, everything painted in the past, but in present things change continuously, and for the newbie it is difficult to understand.
Fearfully grateful to the brave.
Did you think that time is the greatest asset you have?
86,400 seconds for you, for your pretty face. Invest, spend, splurge, get in on the trend.
Google translate translate for me

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

And so it goes - another slight alteration of HL-version
XARD: Nice, simple visual idea. I like it (will add it to the next update)
I take it the Blue H/L lines are 1hr TF?

Thanks, boss:
a) Blue lines EMA144 (H-L)
b) EMA 36 (H-L)
c) EMA 9 (single average + ATR 1.5 - averages - mtf - alerts 8.3 by Mr Tools)
M15 - H1- H4, I keep close to your original

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

sudhindragk wrote:
Fri Mar 26, 2021 12:06 am
man, nothing special at all.
Playing around with Xard's wonderful ideas, that's all.
If you try it, you will see that sometimes price moves along these H-L areas and then can be traded well once it leaves them and a trend move starts.

Here you can see quite nicely how these "ranges" serve as support and resistance "zones" from which price is moving away (entry zones?) or towards which it tends to go (exit zones?).
XARD: The two H/L channels really do wonders, I would ditch the bands - keep it all clean, then post a template for everyone to try out.

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