Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

By the time I start my trading most of you have already gained your great pips. I started this trade around 7:00AM my time. It had already had a good run up on the lower TFs. I took it on the 15M just after it had crossed the MAs. Friday I took several smaller trades and was up about 2.5%. You can see those trades on the chart. Today I tried something else. I already had a red dot. So I went to the one hour TF and measured the increases( each move up until there was a pullback). I measured these with the diagonal line toll. I placed them on the chart from the low of this last leg up( the one I was trading). This tells me how far each leg up went before it turned. You can see the red lines near the end of my trade. I got out of the trade when the price reached the lower average of those lines. Got out just before noon my time and had a 3.5% gain.
IG 3.1.21.png

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