Re: Trading Pullbacks System

eu gy again very profitable today. Learn how to draw trendlines / enter where price is retracing, enough info shared already here look at the charts i have posted. At this moment you are long gy/eu right? You can not be 100% right always I was stopped out long eu see red line ,was risky because of 2 top but entered short afterwards because of price action (that is why you can not plot blue candles only you have to watch how price is moving etc.). Long EU after I took shorts (watch previous low 1M)
cheers M.

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

I hope you guys (girls?) enjoyed the charts. I have posted a lot of eu and gy 1M every day just to make clear I am not cherry picking. As a bonus Gold today :-). This was my contribution here and I hope somebody can benefit. All info is in the charts, even how to draw the trendlines. No questions (only 1 about weird trendlines) so I assume all is clear. When I traded futures 20 years ago I did almost the same it is really amazing to see nothing has changed. Therefore I will/can not update this template every month/year I am sorry. Zoom out, trade the pullbacks. All the best, love and

cheers M.

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

I could not resist to post gy 1m (hoping some traders made profit but not sure) as you can see the same patterns will repeat every day. Watch where price is taking off and stalling (fast/slow) ok. You can add any indicator you want, even draw you own trendline or channel, it does not matter, key is to spot the move and jump in at ; 1. when your indicator is at OB/OV area, 2.trendline break 3.indicator confirmation (worst you are probably to / very late). Questions? add your chart please.

cheers M.

Re: Trading Pullbacks System

eu today same. watch; of course not every setup is right, but you will have many possibilities on 1M charts, some will fail especially when you are late (when price already left). This is how it works, some days will be great= 'trend' , some days will be difficult but the shape of the MA's will help you to be selective.

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