Re: US Election Live Stream

BREAKING NEWS ---->>> Dead people voted in Georgia and Democrats win the Senate.

This morning all the cemetery gates in Georgia were wide open because many dead people went to vote, and someone spoke with one of the dead people and ask him why they decided to vote, the answer was:

"I died fighting the English army because we were all tired of receiving orders from a ruthless Dictator, yes the King of England. And now so many years later, I had to return and vote to fight back another Dictator, now I can sleep in peace!"

Re: US Election Live Stream

The guy with the horns is Jake Angeli from Arizona-- known by followers as the QAnon Shaman.
You can follow him on Facebook and be his friend, I'm sure he's a great guy!
One of his memes is:
"we shall have no real hope to survive the enemies arranged against us until we hang the traitors lurking among us."

Re: US Election Live Stream

4 people died yesterday because they believed in conspiracy theories or misinformation.
If someone believes the earth is flat there's no harm done, at the end of the day we make some jokes and everybody goes home.
Those 4 didn't come home.

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