Re: US Election Live Stream

Jimmy wrote:
Wed Dec 16, 2020 3:53 pm
Pava wrote:
Wed Dec 16, 2020 3:10 pm
Jimmy...I wasn't able to find "Traders Joking" thread:
Haha, it's here brother: Traders Joking. Is it working for you?

Man who is that? Looks like Fabio.
...reminded me...12 years ago I was celebrating New Years Eve in a small Beverly Hills restaurant...and Fabio was sitting at the next table to us (I wasn't alone) ...(he looked old) :)...most possibly you're right...definitely him!
(my mistake...I was looking for "Biden joking" thread)

Re: US Election Live Stream

Pava wrote:
Thu Dec 17, 2020 4:09 pm
I just couldn't...resist...
what a sinful man.............. looks like dis guy
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