Re: US Election Live Stream

Why you keep pushing this insanity? How hard it is to use Google?

The injunction lawsuit that you mentioned is not because ''1.8 million absentee ballots were sent and 2.5 million were counted'', that's a false claim that you wrote here.

The injunction lawsuit claims that Pennsylvania's mail-in votes are invalid because in order to expand absentee voting, a constitutional amendment is required, not simply the passing of a bill.

Back to the real world, Pennsylvania’s top elections official certified the state’s presidential election results on Tuesday, officially declaring Joe Biden the winner.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar made the final count and Governor Tom Wolf then signed what is called the Certificate of Ascertainment to name the 20 Biden electors.

But keep living in your fantasy world, this is a free Country.

Re: US Election Live Stream

oh dear, haven't any of these judges ever heard of Google? :eh:

A judge has halted PA certification.
A judge in WI has petition on 150k counterfeit ballots.
A judge in NV called evidentiary hearing.
A judge in GA granted expedited review.

Re: US Election Live Stream

Nothing to do with hope, I saw on CNN with my own eyes votes being SUBTRACTED from a candidate on a routine vote count update, that could only have come about by systematic fraud.

I don't care that much who wins and who knows how big a fraud there actually is but I never expected to see blatant systematic fraud in a US election and would automatically presume such an event to be investigated. Didn't the Dems just spend 4 years investigating a fake Russian election rigging claim?

I see Biden has changed his FB bio back to just plain Politician after updating to President-Elect immediately after the election (wonder if he knows something we don't :mistake: ).

Re: US Election Live Stream

There goes the injunction lawsuit in Pennsylvania. Another loss, but this one was really embarrassing.

“Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so,” wrote Stephanos Bibas on behalf of a three-judge panel.

“Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here,” wrote Bibas, who was nominated by Trump.

It's game over, even if Trump overturned the outcome in Pennsylvania, he would still need to reverse the result in at least two other states to remain as president.

Re: US Election Live Stream

Recount in Wisconsin county demanded by Trump increases Biden's margin. Overall, Biden gained 257 votes to Trump's 125

Trump's continued effort to torture the truth till it may finally give in. Wishful thinking.

Looked at Powell's law suit fantasies. The lady is a crackpot. She can't even write proper English. Even Trump discarded her. That means something.

Well, it's over anyway. Not looking forward to Biden though.....on international stage. I hate this pathetic enemy thinking of US administrations. Can't be just "my way or the highway". Got only one planet.

I hope for the New Year economies will recover, Covid more or less vanish and people can make a living again.

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