DislikeApiary fund is a huge scam!!!

guys here in FS will not need to learn with apiary or care about this thing but for new traders I can only recommend FS members stay away from this group.....

Its just a trick they charge people money to learn trading so slowly 2 then trade client moneys with a promise that they will keep lots profits
and then charge them big fees..... like one of the other guys said there is rules in place to prevent customers losing or winning fast then in a year or so these traders barely making profits or breaking even and will just leave.....


Say what u want about the business model but traders need to know these guys are a scam stay away from them...... :thumbdown:

they say they are a prop trading firm BUT THEY are not........ they just want 2 look like big prop trading firm from wall st but it is not its just some people teaching some new traders how to trade then keep fees........

(sorry for the english im just trying my best way 2 communicate this bad people)
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Re: Apiary fund is a huge scam!!!

moey_dw wrote:
Mon Apr 08, 2019 8:36 pm

they say they are a prop trading firm BUT THEY are not........
Thanks for the post Moey. Agreed, Apiary Fund are not a prop trading firm. Prop trading firms don't charge for training, review and testing.I know this from working in a "prop shop" myself (years ago).

Apiary sounds like a shady company with a clever little business model looking to recruit the inexperienced and vulnerable.
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Re: Apiary fund is a huge scam!!!

mlawson71 wrote:
Sun Nov 15, 2020 2:05 am
moey_dw wrote:
Wed Nov 11, 2020 10:51 pm

these guys are schmucks!!! :lolno: :lolno: :lolno:
Pretty much, by the look of it. This is why I prefer to learn and trade on my own.
True but unfortunately the style I trade I will need a large amount of capital that I don't have to be able to trade for a living so Prop Firm Trading is the way to go(for me). There is also some firms that are not scammy like 5ers , City Traders Imperium , and Traders4Traders. Its just the tight drawdown limitation is the only downside...
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