Re: Live Trades & Ideas: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

I do not have time to make posts. I miss signals. But the same questions are constantly asked.
How do you trade and so on ?.
Let's get started.
Post 1. There are two main questions in forex:
1) Under what conditions do you decide to enter into the agreement.
2) where the entrance, where the exit.

Below are two screens of the same system - look and look for the answer.
I promised to tell. Please wait until the evening (another 4 hours) or until Saturday. Now the price is moving. I want to make a profit.

Re: Live Trades & Ideas: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

Under what conditions do you decide to enter into the agreement.
There are several common methods of deciding to enter into an agreement, depending on the strategy used:
- scalper, TF M-1, TF M-5, TF M-15;
- long-term (I do not know how correctly) for TF H-1 H-4.
There are strategies to break down levels, to break down levels and so on ...
I use Xard's system to make decisions using "key levels of resistance and support" and Murray's levels (listed throughout the day and changed).
1 case:
If the change of the Xard trend (arrow in the square, and 2 Zig-zag indicators) coincides with the level (resistance, support) for TF H4 and the current (current) Murray level 0/8 or 8/8 - then I go against the trend , which ended, ie in the direction of forming a new trend.
This is the so-called "entrance at the turn of the trend." The risk is high.
Case 2:
According to the trend, after its formation, after the rollback from "point 1" from "point 2". The point of formation of a new trend is "conditionally called the reference point - 0". This is what everyone is focusing on now. This avoids many risks. The risk is low.
Personally, I make my decision based on experience, I have "basic concepts of Price action", and about "pattern 1-2-3".
In particular, when using the Xard strategy, "point 2" resembles the use of "pattern turn 1-2-3". I advise you to read what it is and how to determine this "combination pattern" using the Zig-zag indicator.
Ask questions. I will post "screenshots".
viewtopic.php?f=579489&t=8473696 - "example of point 2, post 2"
I will be glad to see additions to the material. Do not throw stones, "do not write fornication."
I'm just a "teapot", well, maybe a "beginner user".
Rusty Google translation
viewtopic.php?f=579489&p=1295407178#p1295407178 Post 80 - An example of decision making is a strong move

Are there any willing to unite for joint bidding.
I'm watching the pair GBP-USD.
Who will watch the euro, Audi and the Canadian?

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