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TimmyHanke wrote:
Thu May 17, 2018 1:14 am
Hercs wrote:
Thu May 17, 2018 12:32 am
MrTools, Mtiwana and/or Timmy,

Is there an Expert Advisor in this Thread ( I may have missed it during my search and I apologise up front if I did) that will work on the crossing of 2 moving averages ( I know it sounds so "old school"), but with this difference that I can adjust the shift of one of the MAs or both for that matter - independently.

Settings parameters as follows: Period; Shift; Method; Apply to.

Ideally I wish to add a CCI to it but for now it will suffice.

Thank you for replying at your convenience.
Hi Timmy,
Thanks again for the reference, but the developer has not responded as I cannot get his EA to take any trades.
The one MrTools posted is not reading the neg. shift properly and places trades in the wrong direction. I tested it during consolidation which is a good way of checking to see whether the EA reads it correctly.
Any suggestions perhaps?

Re: Timmy's Expert advisor service

Re: Remove thread

From: Jimmy 
Recipient: TimmyHanke

TimmyHanke wrote:

Fri May 18, 2018 4:28 pm

Jimmy can you do me a favour and remove my thread 
" Timmys expert advisor service "
I would be grateful .

/ Timmy Hanke

Sure. May I ask why you would like it removed? Just so i can explain to the other mods why it was removed.

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Re: Remove thread


Because it was created with whiskey and the intention that it would totaly break me down. 
I work better when I have hands around my throut. 
A pressure that i could not take at that moment. I started to smile and feel awesome but nope i could not take it, I will not smile until I'm finnished.
So I did this to work and do more than is possible to help people for free. 
But with an insight of it all, I did it to hide myself. 
I always did things for others than for myself before than for myself .
It didnt kill me so it's time for change.
So therefore I'm out. 
/ Timmy Hanke

IdeaRe: Timmy's MT4 EA (Expert Advisor) service

TimmyHanke wrote:
Sun Sep 03, 2017 2:27 am
Write 1,2,3 steps of what you want.

If your strategy uses indicators post them as well otherwise it can't be made.

I can create both mt4 and mt5 expert advisors.

mq4/mq5 indicators will make my process faster but most ex4/ex5 will work to .

Bring it !

I create the expert advisors using Fxdreema.
If you want to do the same i highly recommend the website.

Hey I see your looking for a challenge!? Id like to see a kijun sen entry combined with brooky_OBTR for a pure entry unless the candles have been closing above the kijun sen for 10 candles or more before the obtr catches up to actually place the entry.
kijun sen set at 50 period shift or 9 and the brooky_obtr needs to set the modes at 3 except for the proximity part of indie. LWMA for the fast and slow. win95% default no finding the cross over and cq volatility is default also,
when opening a position it uses two halves of %risk. so if 5% risk is 1.00 lots it does 2 sizes at .5. one takes profit based on average true range of the time frame but this needs to be customizable for 1.5 atr or .5 atr etc
continuation trades after kijun sen and obtr open an order will be made with Win95%. grabbing 4pips when the slope changes direction or the order that's open. if it doesn't get the 4 pips then it martingales out while the next big entry of kijun sen and obtr are hedging. allow this to be based on % for the lot size too.
exits are either a cross of kijun sen and obtr altogether or cq volatility when it spikes in opposite directions of trade. allow this to be an option not demand.
another exit is when prices goes 4x or 5x or 6x atr value it automatically closes based on it as it can be customized too per currency pair as they have drastically different atr values.
lemme know if your up for it. this is a portion of my algo that I manually trade with. id love to automate it since I work two jobs. thx for the help

Re: Timmy's MT4 EA (Expert Advisor) service

Hello Timmy. I have a request and not too sure whether you are able to code this.
Triple moving average crossover strategy
• EA will trade when there is a crossover of Fast EMA over the Slow EMA.
• For buy condition, Fast EMA will cross from below the Slow EMA and the Slower EMA must be below both the Slow and Fast EMA.
• For sell condition, Fast EMA will cross from above the Slow EMA and the Slower EMA must be above the Slow and Fast EMA.
• To filter the trade for more accurate entry, only buy if above the 200 SMA and sell if below the 200 SMA.
• Due to certain condition whereby it’s range bound, ATR will be used to filter trades to avoid false signals during range bound. (ATR minimum limit can be set in input for different currencies)
Forex Station.png

Re: Timmy's MT4 EA (Expert Advisor) service

alanmia wrote:
Thu Sep 24, 2020 9:23 pm
Hi Timmy,

Are you able to create an EA from an existing indi to work on a renko chart, please?

it worksjust hte same, but making an EA on renko charts is really hard,if not impossible on MT4 (i could not do it, orders were not triggered)
I prefer to modify the prices in the EA then apply the renko prices to the indicator, but all on normal charts

Re: Timmy's MT4 EA (Expert Advisor) service

I'm back in business again but doing things different .

If you want anything regarding Expert Advisors i will make them at a low cost .
I use Fxdreema to create and therefore im not a coder .
Ive used the software for years now , logic and creating is in my bones.
Therefore everything i create has to be within a fresh start.
Anything is manageable, it's a matter of time and will

What are you waiting for


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