Simpler EA request

Hi everyone,

First, let me say that Forex Station is the best forum I have come across in a long time.

There is an incredible amount of talent in this forum. Some of the indicators and EAs I have seen here are nothing short of incredible. I have tested several of them and found a few that fit my requirements. Thank you all for sharing them with the rest of us non-coders. :-)

Having said that, I'm looking for something a little simpler and have searched the forums but I think maybe it got lost in the sea of multi-function EAs.

I need an EA to use with various strategies that I'm testing. I enter trades manually so the EA doesn't need to do that.

I would like to be able to load the EA and have it sit there but only activate when I enter a trade. However, if I can only load the EA after I have entered a trade that works, too.

The EA needs to do the following:

1) Work on only the current chart (so I can put it on each chart separately but it won't affect other orders on other charts and allows me to work on two different strategies and timeframes at once)

2) Work on all timeframes

3) Close the trade if my Stop Loss/Trailing Stop is hit or when my Profit Target is hit

The settings should allow me to:

a) Change the Stop Loss and Trailing Stop numbers by fixed pips or ATR multiple

b) Change the Profit Target numbers by fixed pips or ATR multiple

c) Turn the Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, and Profit Target on and off

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction to find this EA.

Thanks in advance for your help and keep up the great work everyone.

Re: Simpler EA request

levchuk wrote:
Fri Sep 25, 2020 8:10 am
draw on paper your strategy and send it
Hi levchuk,

I have several strategies that I'm testing so I want the EA to be able to do the same thing on all of them. There is nothing to write down for the strategies.

The requirements I set out in my first post would not be dependent on the strategy I'm using but simply allow me to set Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, and Profit Target and to be able to turn them on and off.

For example, if I want to test the best Stop Loss distance with a fixed Stop Loss but no Profit Target, then I could turn on Stop Loss and set the number of pips I want for it but turn off Profit Target and Trailing Stop.

Or if I want to test a specific Profit Target with a Trailing Stop, then I could turn off fixed Stop Loss but turn on Trailing Stop and Profit Target and set the numbers that I want respectively.

I hope this helps.

Re: Simpler EA request

Is there nobody who can help me with this request?

Or is my post in the wrong area (sorry if it is)?

Maybe I can break it down better.

The EA does not need to enter trades. I do that myself.

I have an EA that does some of what I want but it sets the Stop Loss and Profit Target for all open trades on all charts. That doesn't work for me as it doesn't make sense to set those parameters the same on different currencies or time frames. A 10 pip Stop Loss would never work on the daily chart, for example.

Since I don't have the MQ4 file I can't change anything permanently.

What I need is an EA that will:

1) Work on the current chart (this way I can use different settings on different charts)

2) Work on all time frames

3) Close the trade on the current chart if either my Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, or Profit Target is hit.

The inputs should be changeable by me.

For example:

Variable ......................... Value
Set_Stop_Loss ............. True or False options
Stop_Loss_Type .......... "1" or "2" (1=Fixed Pips and 2=ATR Multiple)
Fixed_SL ........................ 50 (default number of pips that I can change)
StopLoss_ATR ............. 1.5 (default ATR multiple that I can change)

Set_Trailing_Stop ....... True or False options
Trailing_Stop_Type .... "1" or "2" (1=Fixed Pips and 2=ATR Multiple)
Fixed_TS ........................ 50 (default number of pips that I can change)
TrailingStop_ATR ....... 1.5 (default ATR multiple that I can change)

Set_Profit_Target ....... True or False options
Profit_Target_Type .... "1" or "2" (1=Fixed Pips and 2=ATR Multiple)
Fixed_PT ........................ 150 (default number of pips that I can change)
ProfitTarget_ATR ....... 1.5 (default ATR multiple that I can change)

ATR_Timeframe ......... "0" to "9" (0=Chart 1=M1 2=M5 3=M15 4=M30 5=H1 6=H4 7=D1 8=W1 9=MN)
ATR_Period .................. 14 (default number that I can change)

I don't need any kind of alert.

I hope this clarifies it a bit better.

I want to use it on multiple time frames, multiple currencies, and multiple strategies. The changeable variable values will let me do that.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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