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Yodelx90 wrote:
Sun Aug 09, 2020 6:15 am
You know I want to tell you guys, honesty - I haven't read most of but maybe the first several posts so if I seem a bit crass, I don't mean it and am glad it was already addressed.

I see the same stuff on each of these forums; mantras, zen, positive thinking and qualities of a success etc. That's all well and good but it never really addresses what the typical trading forum member needs and maybe isn't even willing to go in distance. Trading is very, I can't stress this enough, deeply psychological. I'm sure you'll agree, but it goes beyond that. I would say it's almost 95 percent of trading. A professional athlete or anyone that excelled at a professional level in a performance field will know what I'm talking about. It isn't just mind over matter and you have to be diligent and never give up. That's cheating yourself if you are thinking that way and is not nearly enough.

You have to delve into your humanity and that's just the tip of the iceberg. And I don't mean something like buy when everyone else is selling in fear. Hell if you followed that you'd get killed if you aren't on a long time frame. And even me telling you, you wont even know what this means. And it definitely does not mean trading without emotion.

So if you really think you're going to find it in a forum thread, I'll say meh...maybe a start. Hell, I'm here telling you just a molecule of things. But the reality is, you aren't going to find it here. I'll be brutally honest, if you think your going to find it in these forums you are destined to fail. I'll even go the distance and say for the most part these forums like another larger fx forum are more bad than good. It is a great way to skew the mind and take you away from what you need to become.

If you truly want to be a trader then get off your internet ass and research it. Much of the knowledge is not even trader specific and can be applied to more than the trading self. It's going to be a personal journey into your own individual psyche the deeper you delve and the closer you get. Good luck
I agree with you on this, but in the end, we are talking about people on forum. Giving them an advice or tips is the most we can do to help them out.

Re: Trading Psychology

joy.x.d wrote:
Wed Sep 09, 2020 9:07 pm
I agree with you on this, but in the end, we are talking about people on forum. Giving them an advice or tips is the most we can do to help them out.
As posted the first time before it was removed, that is the limitation of peer learning in all these trading forums; it's all just tips and advice. Professionals in any performance driven field don't get where they are by means of tips and advice.

My advice if you wan't to quit your job and try trading full-time if you desire to make trading something that will impact your lifestyle as opposed to "trading" as a hobby. The learning curve is massive and a polar opposite of trading on the side. If you can make it happen and succeed you'll have learned what trading really is.

Re: Trading Psychology

This was not my original reply and was ALTERED by the moderator.

My words were to quit your job and learn what trading really is. NOT, IF you want to quit your job.

Pitiful excuse for a place for people to try to learn such a difficult profession. All it is here is a place perpetuating the vicious cycle in search for the next indicator. Reality is there all the same. Learn what the market really is and learn about yourselves.

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