Re: HMA - Hull Moving Average Indicators MT4

Helllo friends,
Here is something i posted mixing up base as hma modifiying its value from 34.
Added something to it for more confirmation like VQ and made a post.

I wish if someone expert can guide on picking up the those best larger moves by adding somethig to it .

I hve been testing for a month now with mixed results due to my own non-expert vision.
But i see lot of potential in the setup if one can guide enhancing the filter to avoid smaller shifts
Attached have drawn entry exit for bigger moves unfortunately on smaller moves it can be disappointing where I may need to filter for exit as even then also syncing all three idnicators showing in positive movement but then its moving market and some pullbacks make us in loss.

I am not an experienced trader but yes from this place been working with this hma for almost 6 months now fine tuning the strategy i am working on. just need help to make it better.
Open for discussion on the thread i made or here if someone can help.

Re: HMA - Hull Moving Average Indicators MT4

mrtools wrote:
Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:40 am
AussieBeau wrote:
Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:56 am

Hi MrTools,
May I ask you to add Vlines to this histo version please.
Kindest Regards

HMA Histo alerts.mq4
Hi AussiwBeau, added the lines, also updated it to use the new prices and new mtf.
Could you pls help me use this code in my expert?

Re: HMA - Hull Moving Average Indicators MT4

poaslk wrote:
Thu Sep 10, 2020 10:51 pm
Jimmy wrote:
Thu Sep 10, 2020 9:19 pm
Hey Jimmy, yes, I'm aware of the rules:) just was trying to give you options. I do not need source code, just fixed version. Yes, I can code, but it is extremely hard to contribute, if nobody here shares source codes:)
I will gladly give you some source code:
Have a look at this request:

I have a new Hull (EMA) by Mladen (link to mql5 not allowed)
You could go for my example
a) subwindow,
b) colour change on directional change for current-TF-line
c) colour change on directional change for histo (higher TF)
d) input for line (current TF), different input for histo (higher TF)

From Mladen:
Hull moving average (ema based)

Original Hull moving average is calculated using LWMA (Linear Weighted Moving Average). But sometimes that way of calculation tends to overshoot

Possible solution for that is to use some other average method to calculate Hull

This version :

is using EMA (Exponential Moving Average) for calculation and it seems to be helping in the overshooting while keeping the signals at almost the same positions.
is having the additional "speed" parameter (which can be helpful for further filtering out signals without changing the Hull period)

Recommended usage :

You can use color changes as signals for trend change
Hull moving average (ema based).mq4
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