ExclamationSite restored from Tuesday's backup

Dear trading family,

Our server had a failure on Friday night which caused our mySQL database to corrupt. Several member's profiles disappeared and after many attempts to repair the database our technicians decided that the best way forward was to restore a backup from Tuesday (3 days ago).

Our site has now been restored successfully but posts that were made after Tuesday will be missing.

We ask members to kindly help us by making your posts again :(

Our technicians will ensure that this issue doesn't happen again by keeping two cloud backups per day now.

If you have any issues, please send me a message.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue and thank you for the suggestions and help during this event.

Please help us by continuing to post and if possible, please re-post anything you feel is missing.

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Re: Site restored from Tuesday's backup

Just a small update, thank you to our dear members and staff who have been helping to restore the site after the database error on Friday night. We have now restored all of our Social Media post links (Daily Downloads) with their respective indicator files and reposted everything on Twitter as you can't edit Tweets.

Big thanks to Mrtools, Darks and Jeff who have been restoring posts and helping us over this weekend! :)

Xard and Maya's profiles are back with all posts and files (sorry again) :stressed:

PS: Many people have asked us if anything else was "lost" apart from posts after Tuesday, but nothing has been lost prior to Tuesday's backup. The site is exactly how it was pre-Tuesday (from Members, Private Messages, Files, "Thanks for posts" and even the actual links themselves etc.). The backup was a complete dedicated server snapshot/backup which restores the site to exactly how it was on Tuesday. Which is a good thing about Linux-based controls. And as mentioned, two of these complete site backups will be created every day so we will never experience an issue to this extent again :thumbup:
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