M15 Strategy based on HMA and VQ - Need Experts help on entry exits

Hello Friends,
Sharing you one strategy and setup ..
So far i am getting really descent trades on this one

Rules ::
Let the three indicators get in sync in one direction.

Buy Setup :
1. HMA turns Blue
2. VQ shows Buy arrow on the moving Average
3. VQZZ histo bars turns green from red.

Sell Setup
Reverse from the above given three rules.

I have FXR zones added for the Exit guidance or in case thre is none zone then any of the above two should become reverse signal that can be the exit sign.
Example showing here
(259.51 KiB) Downloaded 139 times
Note : Please put the folder as it is inside the indcators folder as the template file does have a relative path of each indicator under folder m15 so as not to just messup the structure and keep it strategy wise ex4 saperation.

Now my goal here is that i wanted to enhance this setup in such a way that we can filter out the smaller moves and probably find the bigger ones. and follow those trades. If anyone is willing to share any idea to enhance the setup it will really be great support for many here.

Re: M15 Strategy based on HMA and VQ - Need Experts help on entry exits

YeshuaYoke wrote:
Tue Aug 11, 2020 1:27 pm
the template for me isnt loading the indicators, could u please re attach, also is anyone else having the same issue
That is beacuase u have put all individual files in mt4 indicator root folder.
just copy the indicators\m15 (whole folder)
Pase insided your mt4 MQL4\indicators\m15 (as folder not the files in root)
then apply template and it should work..
Do restart mt4 post doing this

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