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Re: luis1moce scammed me $1100

PipMaster221 wrote:
Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:03 am
Thanks guys for your concern, i am feeling a bit ok now since this incident. Hopefully i will get through this somehow.

I saw postings of a certain trader with their previous trading history and it was great and impressive, but I never thought they are lately found out by admins that they are confirmed terrible SCAMMER! :stressed: :Angry: Their unethical actions are like these: pretending to be knowledgeable, trying to debate/criticize or showing taunting and drastic manners towards other traders to bring them down for their hidden agenda or self gain. Probably they were just using those impressive gain profits in the thread forum and the worst thing is, they are using XARD's SYSTEM as their bad intentions to deceive or lurk anyone to invest in their fund management or copytrading signals, trying to fool and victimizing you by promising high returns in a short period of time. Next time be cautious my friends because SCAMMERS are widespread like pandemic Covid-19 virus and they're like predators who are still looking for their next prey. I strongly advise to study Forex Trading in cognition enable for you to avoid those kind of entities which are susceptible to FRAUD.


I pity my dear friend PipMaster221 coz he was victimized by these unscrupulous activities. Please report immediately to the admins here who are suspicious SCAMMER. Thanks for your concern to anyone because we are all brothers and sisters in Forex Trading! SPREAD LOVE, NOT HATE! <3 :In Love: GOD BLESS EVERYONE! :In Love:

Re: luis1moce scammed me $1100

PipMaster221 wrote:
Sun Jun 28, 2020 3:36 am
No problem Jimmy i understand and i respect your action. i have utmost respect for you guys for putting in all the hardwork for free.
Umm just reading this now...I am feeling so sorry for you. Never thought that such person would act like this and try to rob your money.
Wish you good luck to go through these hard times buddy <3

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