Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

xard777 wrote:
Sun May 10, 2020 10:47 pm

Here is the XARDg setup in mq4 format as promised.
It can be used from TF 4HR down to 1 min.
The whole concept is to keep everything simple and still create some kind of order out of chaos.
We already know that the market like everything else works in ebb and flow, waves, and cycles within cycles.
So it makes sense to try and identify some of these cycles, makes it easier to enter the market in the right direction and reap the rewards.
Ok, So we use Blue Square to show the end of the current cycle and start of the next cycle and the large Blue/Red Dots to show mid cycles within the Blue Square cycle with smaller cycles forming with the smaller Red & Blue dots. Lots of times when these Dots appear they still want to continue towards a channel line and sometimes push the channel line further.
Sometimes the setup can recalculate or repaint until the RSI has crossed the zero line then we are usually good to go from there.
Price movement can be in one direction for several days so it makes sense to trade off the Daily Openline in that direction. Again, the RSI should confirm this.
Before trading, take a minute to look at the higher TF say 4hr, then 30min before trading on the 5min or lower. This will give you an idea of the overall direction.
Ideally, you want the 4hr, 30min, and 5min to be going in the same direction - this way you are going with the Trend and less chance (bearing bad news) of your trade going sour.
Watch out for the second Dot as the price will usually move from there in a big way towards the channel line and often push the line further.
When trading you will see price move as an impulse move followed by a pullback move then a second impulse move which usually is the bigger move and you really want to be in on that move. Just go back through the charts and you will see such moves in both up and down directions coming off the Blue Squares. Use the grey Zigzag line to show you the impulse/pullback moves. On TF 4hr and above, the HA Candles will be displayed.

How to install this setup
Unzip & copy all the files over, restart MT4, select new Profile, and choose XARDg - that should be you ready to go.
If the screen is too large simply go to the Window tab command at the top of your MT4 and choose Tile Horizontally, this should adjust the screen size to your monitor.
You may according to your screen size have to manually adjust the screen to show the Octavemath figures on the right of the chart. To do this just drag the white Upside down triangle (top right of screen) about one inch to the left until the MM figures are in full view then remember to save the template for future use.

Scripts Select Profile XARDg to use scripts (or bind the keys yourself)
The BUY/SELL script uses Fund /1850*1 to create the lot size if this is too much and you wish to use half this amount just change to 1850*2, for a quarter amount use 1850*4, etc...
Example: Let's say you use a mini account to trade WS30. With most brokers set to EU rules you need a minimum fund of $185 to trade a 10 cent lot trade.
That means to trade every 0.1 lots you need 185 bucks in your account hence fund 185/1850=0.1 the smallest lot available to trade.
Say you have 1'000 bucks in your account, then you could trade a maximum lot size of 1'000/1850= 0.54 which would be rounded down to one 0.5 lot trade
Now for some, this may be too large a trade as maybe they prefer to trade multiples or just cut down on risk.
So you simply EDIT the BUY/SELL script Tradedlots=1850*1 to x2 or x3 or x4 to suit your own trading preference and compile the script and your good to go.
The script will auto calculate your Tradedlots the moment you hit Alt+B for a BUY or Alt+S for a SELL based on your Tradedlots setting.
Also, hit ALT+O to CLEAN the Screen of drawn objects and hit ALT+C to CLOSE Trades on the chart.


All the best

I have a request concerning the BUY and SELL Scripts. Is it possible for the script to open two Units automatically instead of one, such that I can close one when I reach a certain target and leave the other to run? Thanks.

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System


can anybody explain the difference between all the XARD setups? :In Love:

From reading the thread I only definitively have come to the conclusion that:

- Moster3 is for M15
- XARDg is for all timeframes

What about Monster_v1, Monster_v2 and Xard Universe?

Is there some sort of table or document outlining the differences?

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

specialwolex wrote:
Thu Jun 04, 2020 3:22 pm
Hello everyone, am a newbie here. Mr toolz or Xard kindly recommend a working indicator I can download here. Thanks, in anticipation
Your brain. Thats the first indicator will help you. If you dont study you will not be successfull. Look and learn the price, movemment, patterns. support and ressistance, trend, etc. Without that knowledge you can not trade. Best of luck.

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

braciola719 wrote:
Thu Jun 04, 2020 5:15 pm
some of you use some xard system on 1 minute to 15, I tried for 20 days but I was unable to do anything just losses, due to the stop loss, with 1 minute the stop I put it tighter thanks
Mhhh I have been here in early february... I decide to make an account here to hopefully make some positive contribution.
So therefore I have been testing various version of xard's system in total of several months now.
I stumbled now over your post and I think I could say something here even when some members will not like it.

Sometimes rules are clear and you can go ahead but then you also hit some losses. I think we can admit that market condition change every time. And it is not like that market always adapt to our indicators/rules.

No offend and I do not want to sound rude now to xard777. I really appreciate that he is sharing his knowledge to us for FREE.
So ether we can test it out or leave if we don't like.
But not sure how we can reach 95%winrate (or nearly of that) with this system as claimed here:

I have test these systems and it is not like I test it for couple of minutes, delete it and make some negative comments here how bad it is (kindly check my previous post on my profile).
In fact I spent many days from morning into the night (only possible because of corona lockdown), watching it in live mode and testing it several hours also with the strategy tester. And yes, since testing these versions I spent my time also to read the most posts from other members here to learn from them and I am at least glad for their contribution and happy if it is working for them.

Ether xard777 is doing it different and I missed something really important to look at these systems or I am just stupid...or maybe both :think:

Anyway thanks for the great experience here.

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