LoveRe: Trader's Library: Forex Trading Books

Hi , Awesome Traders

Here 's A Collection of Al Brooks Price Action Trading Books , Enjoy

Expert Guidance Required :
1. What is Placing "Inline Option" that i see while uploading books?
2. why it takes abnormal time to upload books?
3. Is there any uploading hacks for fast uploading?

This will Help me in my future uploads, Thanks..!

I Don't know what's The problem last three books won't be uploaded, tried 3 times , Experts Help me?
Trading Price Action Trading Ranges_ Technical Analysis of Price Charts Bar by Bar for the Serious Trader - Al Brooks.pdf
(10.21 MiB) Downloaded 109 times
Trading Price Action TRENDS Trading Price Action TRADING RANGES Trading Price Action - Al Brooks.pdf
(5.22 MiB) Downloaded 85 times

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