Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

Pikachu wrote:
Wed May 06, 2020 2:18 am
Yutopupo wrote:
Wed May 06, 2020 1:32 am

Thank you for the reply!
Ok, first of all I am still experimenting with xard's system and I can only comment so far what I have observe and works for me. So it means also that it might doesn't work for you.

And I don't know what you are trading (indices, currencies, gold, stocks...).

I have freshly took a screenshot from EURUSD M30 and make some arrows.


1. I have mark overbought and oversold area with a yellow square for you. It is indicating that there might be a possible downmove/upmove.

Depending on what you are trading, you need to adjust it. Go in the settings of the OCTAVEMATH indicator and there is a small description from xard777.

Here is a small description of the octavemath:

Usually a overbought are appears at +0/8th till +2/8th and oversould area -0/8th till -2/8th.

2. Watch out for the red dot or blue dot with white arrow for potentital downmove/upmove (I mark with blue arrow for you).
Notice that those dots can cause a repaint. So do not trade this purely.

3. As you can see after the blue candles, the grey ones are following and finally the red candles with red ma which indicates a potential downmove (mark with orange arrow for you)

4. Look at rsi where it turns red. This might give you another confirmation of the downmove. The rsi helps in this case to make less false entrys (for example during range markets)

5. You can see also the upper and lower orange bands which are called in xard's system as "gold bands" (even when they are not gold lol).
You can easily see that at the orange arrow I mark for you, the bands are squeezing and almost touch the MA. A tight squeezing might tell you for an upcoming down/upmove. So in this case upmove.

6. This system is for 15min/1h timeframe. But you can use it also for other timeframes. Just be careful.
7. There are much more things of xards system which might be useful for you.
For example the daily open line (yellow & green horizontal line at the stard of the day) or for example the indicator "!!!-MT4 X-XARDFX-PANEL" showing you more information from the chart you are trading (I took at off at the screenshot) or for example the spikes you can see at the rsi indicator.

Hope this can help you a little bit to make better profitable trades.

If someone wants to add something then kindly do it to help each other.
Wow,thank you so much!

Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

I added some indicators from over the years (all Xard777 indicators).

1. Symbol changer
2. Murray (this is on image, but did not appear from template)
3. ATR targets
5. Meter
6. Open (labels open)
7. Daily High Low (labels previous day hilo)
(37.39 KiB) Downloaded 189 times
(176.56 KiB) Downloaded 177 times
(195.37 KiB) Downloaded 180 times
(18.37 KiB) Downloaded 177 times
(41.21 KiB) Downloaded 190 times
(43.87 KiB) Downloaded 188 times
(23 KiB) Downloaded 199 times
!!!-MT4 X-XARDFX-ADR D1.ex4
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