Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Hello everyone,

this is an indicator to speed up the process of drawing S&D zones. The two leftmost Icons simply create rectangles in their specified color. The two icons to the right create rectangles that are automatically dragged into the future, so you can allways see price reacting to them. The same is true for the two rightmost icons. They draw horizontal lines. The indicator also has an alarm feature.

I would like to ask a programmer, if it is possible for him to improve the indicator by making it, that once a rectangle or line has been dropped on the chart, it automatically is set, so that it only shows in the current timeframe and in all timeframes downwards. And also it would be great if the timeframe in which it was drawn would be placed in the object description so it can be seen next to the rectangle/line.
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Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Eleven wrote:
Sun Oct 06, 2019 12:43 pm
Awesome folks,
Great Thread thanks for all coders that contribute and help others..May all green Pips be ours..Great job
This is a useful tool that plots probable ATR levels coded by Hanover.. Please, can someone be kind enough to make indicator shows historic levels.
I greatly appreciate this help!!
I know you limited in time. Just Please give me a hint, Is this request is possible to be coded in here. If it is not , I understand, Would you be kind enough to tell me how many coding hours it takes so I can Pay a freelancer right. Thanks a lot

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Mr. Tools,

Great indicators that you've created. I'm looking for an ATR Percent based step/regular moving average. Theres one on trading view, I'm only wanting the "R" output:

My main objective is to use it as a moving average with a 1.5 ATR multiplier. In essence it places a "pivot" line based on the 1.5 ATR Percent difference. It doesn't lag, and it places the next volume one candle in advance but its not much use until the current candle closes because it moves as the current bar moves, either up or down.

Let me know if it's possible for mt4.


Jorge A

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Just read that only ex4 files allowed. My mistake, didn’t read the rules.

Regarding my previous post, anyone knows if there’s a ATRP moving average? It’s based on ATR Percent and if it has a percent multiplier even better.

I have searched all over and can’t find anything regarding ATR percent.

Much appreciated.

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