Hi, I wonder and I say, all these pseudo-expert gurus, forex life masters, who by now know all the possible, know how, and make money with forex, because they don't shut themselves in their home walls and leave us mere mortals to dream, and then if the moderators allow it, it will be convenient for them too, don't you think ..? Good life.
The perfect indicatoris our head ...

Too many indicators confuse the head


I'll chime in as there seems to be a bit of bullshit going on here for the past few months.

TRO, what's up? Sorry, but you can't post here then refer our members to go out and look for your files on other sites. It's against our rules and it's considered spamming.

If you're not happy with our members trying to help each other out by sharing the files that they require in order for them to learn from your teachings, perhaps you should not be posting here at all.

We enjoy your videos, but if you don't want to share your files (or even allow our members to share your files here), we can only ask you to have a good think about this and get back to us when you're ready to include us as a community that you "truly" want to share with, too.

We're locking this thread for now until the OP decides on what he wants to do. But this half-arsed "sharing a bit here" and "telling members to go there" is not going to work out and we're tired of getting post reports and mod complaints in regards to this issue.

TRO if you change your mind, PM us and we will look at getting this thread back up and running. Thanks.
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