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The best way to trade breakouts
The best way to trade a breakout is to use the accumulation of the positions of the major players. What I mean? The accumulation position is usually tight consolidation on the chart when the range of candles is reduced.
Most often when you trade breakouts you will fail. However, using this technique, you will be able to increase the number of profitable trades.
For example, when dense consolidation occurs near the resistance level, it tells us that the pressure of buyers is high for a long period of time, and the sellers are not strong enough to deploy the price level.
When the price breaks the resistance level, traders with short positions to cut their losses. At the same time, the increasing pressure of traders-buyers, who will open the transaction breakdown. All these factors make the price to move up rapidly without significant setbacks.
The accumulation position is the main technique that I use when trading breakouts. However, it can have its variations.
For example, if we see higher lows in the area of resistance, most often it is a sign of strength buyers. This tells us that:
No pressure.
The pressure of buyers is strong enough since the price lows gradually increase.
A large number of stop orders to buy are grouped near the resistance level, which increases the likelihood of breakdown.
Here's how it looks:
you may be familiar with this graphical construction of the price chart. This ascending triangle.
So, if you find this price pattern, most likely it means that the market will make the breakout and continue its movement.
Consider an example for chertovoy position. Everything here is similar to what we learned earlier.
Whenever you see lower highs in the area of support level, it tells us that:
Pressure buyers absent.
Strong selling pressure pushes the price down.
At the support level placed stop orders to sell.
It is obvious that all signs of weakness.

Re: Golden Forex Techniques

How to get into the strongest breakdowns?
Market conditions are constantly changing from trend to consolidation. The longer the market is in the range, the stronger its breakdown will be.
The longer the market is in the range, the more orders to buy and sell are placed at the borders of this range. In addition, traders who trade breakdown place sell orders below the support level, hoping to enter the breakdown. Sooner or later, there will be no buyers on the market trading from the level boundaries, and then the price will break through the support level, thereby activating the trader-seller order for the breakdown.
How to trade a breakdown of a level in a strong trend?
In a strong trend, the price tends to remain above the moving average in 20 periods. If you expect a pullback to enter the trend, you will be disappointed, as the market may continue to make new highs without any pullbacks.
Therefore, we can trade breakouts on swing zones.

Re: Golden Forex Techniques

We will return to the levels of resistance and support and talk in detail about effective methods of working on kickbacks and false breakdowns.
Now another topic below, so you can already try it next week and work.

Re: Golden Forex Techniques

The strategy of capitalizing on the situation of “failure to stop” is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make money on Forex for short-term traders. It requires nothing but attention and understanding of the basics of price movements in the foreign exchange market, it allows private traders to stop being victims of large speculators and begin to earn profit with them.

Re: Golden Forex Techniques

One of the first rules of trading in the Forex market, which is aggressively investing in the head trader, is a mandatory setting stop loss orders to limit your potential loss if the price goes in the direction opposite open trade.
The main problem of stop losses on the Forex are the standard rules of their installation, for example, above or below local extrema, levels of support or resistance and so on. Most Amateur traders, has your stop losses according to these standard rules. In turn, market makers often use it for their own benefit. Often in the market you can see a picture – before you start the main movement, the price makes a sudden jump in the opposite direction, "embossing" standard stop-loss, and only then moving in the right direction.
This phenomenon is among the Forex traders is called "hunt stops" or "stop hunting". In the end, most traders who correctly calculated the situation on the market and open position in accordance with the classic rules of technical analysis get profit instead of loss.
What is stop loss?
Let's consider in more detail what sophistry driven into the head of a speculator(or trader).
Wikipedia defines Stop loss as the stock application, is exhibited in the terminal the trader or investor to limit their losses when the price reaches a pre-determined level. In the jargon of Russian-speaking traders such application is often called "moose".
There are and types of stop loss
Stop losses are of the following types:
Stop loss based on the figure;
Stop loss based on volatility;
Stop loss based on points;
Stop loss based on percentage.
Stop-loss is in fact pending orders that are triggered when the price passes certain levels. When placing such orders the trader in advance limits the size of its profits and losses.
Such limitations are extremely useful when trading in volatile markets, particularly when trading on the news. In addition, pre-set stop loss and take profit allow you to complete the transaction automatically, even if you're not at your computer monitor or mobile device. Most trading strategies use data pending orders. Trade in the market without using them is extremely risky and can lead to significant losses for beginners and even experienced traders.
In fact, this deliberate restriction of losses in case they occur. Many traders recommend that is to trade from a level where you can "put foot". That is, it is first necessary to find the level where you can put this with a stop loss. And already from this level to calculate the level of take profit, the ratio of loss and profit. If you find an acceptable level of putting a stop loss is not possible, or it is at a level that does not allow to obtain an acceptable balance of loss and profit, and to make the deal does not make sense. It would be too risky.
Some transactions, especially medium-and long-term, may require setting the position of the stop-loss at a significant distance from the current price level (foot length), for example, for removing 500 or more points from the current market price. Not every Deposit allows you to set the level of damages. In this case it is better to reduce the amount of funds which you will enter into the transaction or refuse the transaction at all.

Re: Golden Forex Techniques

Stop Loss Installation Methods
There are several fairly common methods for setting the stop loss level:
1. For the minimum (maximum) of the previous candle when placing an order to buy (sell). This is a short stop loss model. This method is often used for intraday trading;
2. Setting below the last local minimum (slightly above the local maximum). Quite often, it is such stops that are knocked out by large market participants;
3. Setting a stop loss behind the local resistance (support) level, taking into account the largest shadow that has broken through the level;
4. Setting stop loss below / above psychological round levels;
5. Setting the stop loss below or above the moving average lines;
6. Setting stop loss below / above the levels of the Parabolic SAR indicator and ATR volatility indicator;
7. Setting a stop loss according to the indicators of the trading model (Bollinger Bands, Andrews Pitch, etc.);
8. Setting a stop loss below or above the Fibonacci levels;
9. Setting a stop loss below / above the average daily volatility level for an instrument, taking into account the volatility levels of a particular day and time of day.
The most reliable levels for setting stop loss are strong support and resistance levels. The use of additional optional analysis to identify strong levels significantly increases the chances of the correct installation of stop loss. The combination of several methods, if they indicate approximately the same stop-loss levels, also increases the chances of setting the optimal loss level. Of course, in any case, it is necessary to take into account the principles of money management and an acceptable level of risk for your situation.
  Like this! Is that all right? Am I confused anything? Without any doubt. that in some cases this statement may be true. But in the vast majority of cases (no one conducted statistical research), it is a logical, or rather sophisticated, trap for traders. The analysis of this phenomenon is a separate story and in the context of this article is not appropriate.

Re: Golden Forex Techniques

The use of stops
Active use of Forex borrowings is forcing the majority of clients of brokerage firms to use stop losses to limit losses and continue trading. The strategy of "sittings out of losses", is actively used by participants of the stock market is not suitable for Forex trader
Most traders in Forex are speculators and are not able to wait out a losing trade due to the use of leverage.Leverage and the widespread use of fairly standardized stops have caused the strategy "failure stops" big players.
Despite the negative attitude to this trade practice on the part of most market participants, it is quite legitimate.
Under this strategy, large speculators are pushing the prices to the soles in the hope of a reconnection with the subsequent formation of a strong directional movement. Strategy is so often used in practice, that almost every trader from time to time becomes a victim and suffers losses.
The strategy is described in detail in the book, Kathy lien "day trading the currency market" (2005). Katie tells readers about the possibilities of joining the short-term trend in the case of "failure stops" with the passage of the integer levels.
Take advantage
To benefit from the situation, "failure stops" simply – not need anything other than a price chart and one indicator.

Re: Golden Forex Techniques

Stop Loss Indicator
The Stop Loss Indicator is a projection of the level of pending orders of traders of the form Sell Stop and Buy Stop taken from the largest area of ​​their accumulation in the “glass”. It consists of 7 consecutive maximum zones of bids, limiting the loss of transactions for the purchase and sale.
How is the stop loss indicator considered and built?
Two lines on the chart are located above and below the current exchange rate of the currency pair at the highest maximum price value of stop loss, selected from the area of ​​7 values ​​of Sell Stop and Buy Stop. Such an algorithm allows you to choose a strong level on the principle of the mutual influence of orders in a cluster on each other and to avoid the factor of false, “phantom” volumes - traps of a market maker.
The figure below illustrates the selection principle, where you can see how the levels are selected directly from the zone, 7 maximum values, SELL STOP located below the current price and BUY STOP that are above the quotes.
On whose data does the stop loss indicator work?
Glass data and levels include real currency volumes! The fact that only the number of transactions is displayed on the Forex market is not an obstacle in this case - the indicator works according to the "Order Book" of the American broker Oanda. These are the 3 largest American Forex brokers. The company has branches on four continents and is therefore licensed by 8 Financial Market Regulators.
Given the wide client base of the Oanda broker, the orders of its traders from the Order Book can be considered a representative sample for assessing the balance in the Forex market. Comparison of the volumes of buying and selling foreign currency through a company can be presented in the form of fractals, i.e., the structure of orders of a part of the system repeats itself or is similar to the general state of the currency market as a whole. It is this understanding that gives us the right to use a glass of orders from the Oanda broker as a source of trading signals.
The indicator works only on liquid major currency pairs listed in the drop-down list of the TradingView chart window. The percent numbers located near the levels indicate the total volume fraction of the 7 maximum stop loss zones. In the example shown in the figure, the resistance zone contains 1.8% of all stops of the Seller, and support - 1.99% of stops of the Buyers.

Re: Golden Forex Techniques

How to use the indicator stop losses in the Forex market ?
Margin trading involves two transactions instead of one. First you buy, and then to the closing of this transaction, you have to sell. After entering the market, traders can close the position at market, but most traders put pending orders stop loss or take profit. They appear in the glass and on the levels of the indicator i.e. Stop Loss = Stop pending order and take profit equal to the pending order Limit.
The indicated values are duplicated visually in the thickness of the line, helping the trader to navigate the power level to choose when approaching quotes tactics work on the "breakdown" or contrarreloj of the transaction for "rollback". Another use indicator may be located on these levels take profits.
The use of these glass and graphics will help to build a medium-term strategy. Guided by the postulate of trade professionals with pending orders, you can determine the trend, relying on equity sentiment Sell and Buy Limit.
In the figure below, 47% of the glass consists of pending applications of Sellers as opposed to 29% of applications Customers. This helped to determine about the removal of the up EURUSD that confirmed the foot Buyers, rearranged below in spite of the growth rate. Later it is seen that educated divergence between price and the trailing stop implemented in the fall.
Indicator name: TLaP Crowd Stop Loss
Current version: 1.10
Website sale: Specifically for last autumn
Data source: Oanda website and last autumn: http://tlap.com/indikator-stoplossov/
Description: Indicator of stop losses is a projection of the level of pending orders traders to kind of Sell Stop and Buy Stop, taken from the highest region of their accumulation in the "glass". It consists of 7 consecutive maximum areas exposed applications, limiting the loss of transactions on purchase and sale. The indicator works like the "Book of orders" of a U.S. broker Oanda, a 3 largest U.S. broker, providing trading services on the Forex market.
The main objective of the indicator - data transfer to the TLaP website in the MT4 terminal for more intuitive learning levels. Depth of market this indicator can't draw.
GMT Offset - the time offset in hours relative to the GMT time your broker. For example, if your broker is GMT+2 DST in the winter time you set GMT_Offset = 2, in the summer GMT_Offset = 3.
Daylight Savings Time (DST) is the choice of the European or new York time to automatically change the time in summer and winter
Load Information (Days) - how many days to consider when drawing the lines. The more days, the slower the indicator. Who does not want to see a lot of extra information to add Load Information (Days) = 0. When zero data is displayed only for the last 6 hours
Show Text % - display test with the value of the percentage of all stop-loss orders at this level at the moment
Show Journal Info - writing to log information about updating data, errors, etc.
Show Lable TLAP - display clickable inscription copyright of the website TLAP in the upper left corner of the chart.
LinesColor - color of the lines Stop Losses
LineStyle - the line style of Stop-Losses. When set LineWidth > 1 type STYLE_SOLID always.
The latest version of the indicator 02.10.2019 year
Data is deleted and redrawn every 20 minutes.
Recommended time frame is D1.Some also not bad on M15,H1,H4.Try! The theme will continue.
TLaP Crowd Stop Loss v.1.07.ex4
(68.98 KiB) Downloaded 252 times
TLaP Crowd Stop Loss v.1.08.ex4
(69.21 KiB) Downloaded 248 times
TLaP Crowd Stop Loss v.1.09.ex4
(68.46 KiB) Downloaded 243 times
TLaP Crowd Stop Loss v.1.10.ex4
(68.71 KiB) Downloaded 376 times

Re: Golden Forex Techniques

amdudus wrote:
Fri Oct 04, 2019 7:24 pm
Breakout entry without retest
It is important to note that depending on how strong or weak the market is, retest of the broken level will not always occur.
The price failed to retest the previous support level before falling by 430 points.
However, the lack of a retest does not mean that we should stay out of the market. A retest usually occurs in the next few candles. Thus, if the market begins to move in protorgovke, there is a high probability that there will be no re-testing.
The price begins to move in the bidding market. This is a good sign that the market does not have enough strength to retest the support level. In this case, we can enter the market.
Hi amdudus!

Loving the posts so far, but may I ask you a question: What does "protorgovke" means?

Thank you beforehand.

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