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Mrtools , Mladen and other great coders in the house, I came across this indicator in a forum but it doesn't work. Please can you help me to make it work and let it show arrows as indicated in the inage.It displays dots to indicate swing points, or market exhaustion .Very similar to fractal indicator Please note that it is not the same as fractal indicator . The dots are ok as being displayed . But it doesn't update in real time and arrows doesn't show .
From the dots it can generate 3 types o signals vis :
Failed swing entry
Second chance swing entry
Reversal entry
This is a sort of counter point strategy
It seems the failed swing entry is ok. The entry rules are simple .
(1) For a short entry , the previous set of dots need to be higher or equal to thee current dots.
Dots from above the candles.
(2) For a long entry , the previous set of dots need to be lower or equal to thee current dots.
Dots from below the candles.
Please make arrow to appear as in image
Please Create input and option for arrow display and alert signal whenever arrows comes uP and an option for arrow on current candle or candle close.The options of dots display near to candle .
Please carefully examine the indicator and make it work.
Thanks for your time.
Exhaust point.mq4
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