{2019} reveal secret of 400 year history behind candlestick movment

you will learn:

The 400 year history behind candlestick charting so understand the deep roots of candlesticks

The guiding principles that comprise candlestick charts so you can ready any candlestick chart at a glance

The formation underscoring candlestick charts

How to Identify basic candlestick types by configuration

How to Interpret the market signals of various candlestick patterns so you can take more accurate trades

How to Understand the mechanics of candlestick positioning so you can read patterns better

How to Incorporate candlestick charting into your trading strategy so you can generate consistent results
The market is a brutal place. Forget trying to be liked. Need a friend? Get a dog.
The market doesn't know you and never will. If you are going to win, someone
else has to lose.

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