DownloadTrader's Library: Forex Trading Books

Trader's Library: Forex Trading Books

Dearest trading friends,

For many years I have been collecting trading books in my spare time from different Futures, Forex, Options, Stocks forums, blogs, message boards (all publicly open sites) and would like to share them here.

Each day I'll try to post at least a handful of books and before too long let's hope this thread will be filled with great books for your weekends and spare time (when you're away from the charts).

5 Day Momentum Method - Cooper 1997.pdf
(1.14 MiB) Downloaded 570 times
7 Chart Patterns That Consistently Make Money - Downs.pdf
(5.74 MiB) Downloaded 761 times
10 Golden Rules of Trading - Bromley 2006.pdf
(1.45 MiB) Downloaded 495 times
21 Candlesticks Every Trader Should Know - Pasternak 2006.pdf
(1.49 MiB) Downloaded 480 times
30 Days to Market Mastery - Bernstein 2007.pdf
(6.48 MiB) Downloaded 445 times
45 Years In Wall Street - Gann, W.D. 1949.pdf
(11.91 MiB) Downloaded 389 times
101 Option Trading Secrets - Trester 2004.pdf
(3.15 MiB) Downloaded 582 times
123 Trading Signal - Crisp 2002.pdf
(1.13 MiB) Downloaded 425 times
A Beginners Guide to Charting Financial Markets - Kahn 2007.pdf
(2.12 MiB) Downloaded 368 times
A Beginner's Guide to ST Trading - Maximize Profits in 3 days to 3 weeks - Turner 2002.pdf
(19.09 MiB) Downloaded 457 times
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Re: Trader's Library

A Complete Guide To Technical Trading Tactics, Pivot Pts, Candlesticks - Person 2004.pdf
(7.34 MiB) Downloaded 404 times
A Practical Guide to Swing Trading - Swing.pdf
(1.22 MiB) Downloaded 404 times
A Short Course in Technical Trading - Kaufmann 2003.PDF
(20.98 MiB) Downloaded 311 times
A Trader's Money Management System - McDowell 2008.pdf
(2.11 MiB) Downloaded 353 times
Achieving the Traders Edge.pdf
(73.33 KiB) Downloaded 295 times
Advanced Channeling Patterns - Wolfe Waves & Gartleys - Kuepper 2005.pdf
(592.94 KiB) Downloaded 429 times
Advanced Commodity Trading Techniques - Hamon 1986.pdf
(4.92 MiB) Downloaded 340 times
Advanced Swing Trading - Crane 2003.pdf
(10.68 MiB) Downloaded 385 times
Advanced Trading Rules - Acar 2002.pdf
(5.76 MiB) Downloaded 382 times
All About Market Timing The Easy Way to Get Started - Masonson 2004.pdf
(3.27 MiB) Downloaded 438 times
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Re: Trader's Library

Some more books.
An Introduction to Options Trading - de Weert 2006.pdf
(1.13 MiB) Downloaded 248 times
Applied Quantitative Methods for Trading and Investment- Dunis 2003.pdf
(8.81 MiB) Downloaded 311 times
Art Of Day Trading - Futuresmag.Pdf
(897.97 KiB) Downloaded 310 times
Art of the Trade - Jankovsky 2008.pdf
(747.71 KiB) Downloaded 264 times
ART of Trading-Combining the Science of TA with reality based trading - McDowell 2008.pdf
(6.03 MiB) Downloaded 335 times
Avoiding Option Trading Traps - MacMillan.pdf
(462.14 KiB) Downloaded 238 times
Beating the Financial Futures Mkts - Combining Small Biases into Money Making Strategies - Collins 2006.pdf
(5.23 MiB) Downloaded 317 times
Beginner's Guide to Financial Spread Betting - Baltazar 2005.pdf
(1.39 MiB) Downloaded 234 times
Best Trendline Methods Of Alan Andrews & 5 New Trendline Techniques - Mikula 2002.pdf
(1.34 MiB) Downloaded 424 times
Better Trading - Money and Risk Management - Guppy 2001.pdf
(33.03 MiB) Downloaded 315 times
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Re: Trader's Library

Man,good collection and fair contribution
Pretty Thanks
Indicator is just a tool.

Use it only if it can benefit you. Leave it if you don't know how to use it optimally.

Re: Trader's Library

mntiwana wrote:
Sat Nov 17, 2018 2:09 am
Man,good collection and fair contribution
Pretty Thanks
Anything for you sir!

Here is the book contribution for today, quite a few Forex books and downloads will be posted here onwards so let's try and build the largest online (trading) book library here on Forex Station! Enjoy your weekend.
Beyond Candlesticks - New Japanese Charting Techniques Revealed - Nison 1994.pdf
(14.53 MiB) Downloaded 307 times
Beyond Technical Analysis - How to develop & implement a winning Trade System - Chande 1997.pdf
(3.11 MiB) Downloaded 327 times
Bible of Options Strategies - Cohen 2005.pdf
(16.39 MiB) Downloaded 281 times
Big Profit Patterns Using Candlesticks and Gaps - Bigalow 2002.pdf
(699.24 KiB) Downloaded 329 times
Bollinger Bands - Using Volatility - Claassen 2004.pdf
(1.93 MiB) Downloaded 279 times
Bollinger On Bollinger Bands 2002.pdf
(20.96 MiB) Downloaded 258 times
Breakthroughs in Technical Analysis - New Thinking from the Worlds Top Minds - Keller 2007.pdf
(13.44 MiB) Downloaded 344 times
Building Automated Trading Systems with an intro to C++ net - Van Vliet 2005.pdf
(2.51 MiB) Downloaded 282 times
Building Winning Trading Systems with TradeStation - Hill 2003.pdf
(4.48 MiB) Downloaded 308 times
Building Your E-Mini Trading Strategy - Gramza.pdf
(697.29 KiB) Downloaded 249 times
Bloomberg Press - Way Of The Trade - Jea Yu 2013.pdf
(18.74 MiB) Downloaded 273 times
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Re: Trader's Library

Campaign Trading - Sweeney 1995.pdf
(1.81 MiB) Downloaded 251 times
Candlestick And Pivot Point Trading Triggers - Setups for Stocks, Forex and Futures - Person 2007.pdf
(22.66 MiB) Downloaded 274 times
Candlestick Charting for Dummies - Rhoades 2008.pdf
(11.47 MiB) Downloaded 265 times
Candlestick Charts - Lambert 2009.pdf
(6.3 MiB) Downloaded 280 times
Candlestick Course - Nison 2003.pdf
(18.63 MiB) Downloaded 220 times
Candlesticks, Fibonacci and Chart Pattern Trading Tools - Fischer 2003.pdf
(2.22 MiB) Downloaded 299 times
CBOT - A Six-Part Study Guide to Market Profile 1996.pdf
(12.63 MiB) Downloaded 272 times
Channels and Cycles - A Tribute to JM Hurst - Millard 1999.pdf
(11.12 MiB) Downloaded 360 times
Chart Reading for Professional Traders - Jenkins 1996.pdf
(25.83 MiB) Downloaded 312 times
Chart Your Way to Profits - Online Traders Guide to TA - Knight 2007.pdf
(15.05 MiB) Downloaded 298 times
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