MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

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Re: Indicator requests and ideas

Samnix wrote:
Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:14 am
Hello mladen, mr. tools,

hope this kind of indi is a new idea and codable.

The indicator I am thinking of is a combination of mladens trix advanced amp alerts (mtf) and mladens Blau tsi mtf 2 (new).

In the pic you see an example of settings, where tsi and trix crossing each other. For that matter it would be nice to have "Blau_tsi_trix_cross_mtf" indicator.

Message, email, push alerts, mtf, interpolated. Trix period, price settings. No Histogramm needed, no Signal period and method needed Alerts on current or close.

Only one tsi line and one trix line which are used for crossings. (tsi visible divs of course too, alerting those is a bit too much asked).

tsi trix cross.png


It would be great, if the new indi could be coded out of those two indicators, because they are working very good together with nice results.
Example: ger30 H1, setting tsi 50/8/8 and trix (no signal line) setting 50.

Hope you, mladen or mr tools could have a closer look at it.
Thank you very much.

Note : Originally indicator name should be go like this "trix advanced alerts" - (mod)
Just take TSI and MA to it. Compare that with your pic, not so far, just try different settings, after all, trix is MA.

tsi trix cross.png

Re: Indicator requests and ideas

Thanks guys for your opinions, experience about indis and moneymanagement.
My point was to make clear, compared to a hundred indis here, which are realy nonsense and no money is to make with, this idea has "money proof" and a long history of trying useless indis.
Ok I wouldn`t do this money rollercoaster, but it is his money...
To get a serios tech explanation, like Krelian99, why it isn`t possible to combine those two indis and getting an alert, is way more pro, than saying it`s nonsense.

Even if we are all beggars here, asking for a free foundation of wealth, it feels like disrespect getting such answers.

I understand everything here is free and all the hard work, but years of "buttkissing" from thousand people leavs marks. All human, all natural psychology.
Well I guess my buddy (and me) have to go without alerts. Just a bit more chart-time. All good.

With respect !

Re: Indicator requests and ideas

Samnix wrote:
Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:13 am
mladen wrote:
Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:10 pm

That is not a good idea - such combinations are, more or less, nonsense
Wow, I am realy happy now. I thought here are the gods of the universe at home...
I am glad, just normal people which can be so, so wrong.
Well mladen, what if my buddy made with trix-tsi-cross 1200% last week on Ger30 (with proof)
Is it still "nonsense" ? I don`t think so. Come on what about your "experiments" with indicator ideas? What about thinking out of the box?
Is there no challenge left ?
Don`t get me wrong... biggest respect, no question, but after all you are just a human who can be wrong too.
Hope you can stand criticism. Regards
Don't get me wrong, but :
  • You asked a question and you got the answer - if you don't like it : I wish you all the luck if you are ruled by emotions when trading and using TA
  • The second part is what we all know as usual commercial spamming - thank you for clarifying why someone was asking nonsense question about nonsense product that is then attempted to be sold.

    The "proof" you are mentioning is usually called a coin tossing tactics : someone takes trades on 100 symbols (more or less randomly - as in your case since comparing values that are bounded in 0 to 100 range to values that are not bounded at all is pure randomness) and then shows results for only the positive trades. Then it is done the same again the next week, and again only the results for positive are shown. And so on and on and on ... Seen that for million times - don't bother showing that (at least to me, please, don't)
  • I am in this for years and years : do you really think that it is the first time that some commercial spammer have attempted to use some post of mine as a cause for flaming and as a "proof" for the nonsense that he/she was trying to paddle to people? Think again
Hope you can stand the truth ... (since I will not be answering posts of your any more)
Good bye

Re: Indicator requests and ideas

mrtools wrote:
Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:01 am
mehkhan wrote:
Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:45 am
ma rsi adaptive - floating levels - on chart - 2.4.ex4 Dear mrtools, please add arrows option on color change. Regards.
Been looking don't think i have the source code of that indicator.
Oh damn :( That indi is absolutely great but its super heavy on CPU. Turning interpolate off helps slightly.

Re: Indicator requests and ideas

Gud day Mladen and Mr.tools and other traders,
the attached indicator does not show signals in real time and alerts as well.... Can you please make it work in real time with on the time alerts.
AFBSR breakout alert.mq4
(7.1 KiB) Downloaded 251 times

Re: Indicator requests and ideas

Found this image @ FF and indicator looks really interesting. The name says step wilder's rsi smoothed (or maybe something like that).. would really appreciate if somebody can share the indicator.

Re: Indicator requests and ideas

Hi MrTools and Team,

Would it be possible to make a small fix to the attached indicator, please? I'd like the Vertical Lines to be displayed in the Indicator window, instead on the chart.

If you could also add a way to highlight when the Main Line is above/below the OB/OS levels (i.e. change of Main Line color or highlight the background of the indi window) it would be a great bonus, but not essential if it takes much of your time.

Thanks a lot for the help!
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